Sunday, October 23, 2016

Sleep Apnea


I have sleep apnea. If you know about sleep apnea, you know it is like taking your life into your hands each time you go to sleep. Sleep is supposed to be restful, rejuvenating, energizing.
But with sleep apnea you go to sleep, start into the first stage of sleep and just when it is switching into deep sleep (rem) and your muscles in your body let go and release on their own, so does another muscle which is not supposed to slip into that deep relaxation, an involuntary muscle, like the ones that keep you breathing, they stop too!!  YES YOU STOP BREATHING.

Then another part of your body, realizes you stopped the intake of oxygen, shoots adrenalin through you, and you wake up feeling like you are drowning, dying. You, trying to suck in air, coughing and trying to sit up thinking that will help. (or your bed partner decides to help you out, slapping you on the back, only serving to propel you out of bed and onto the floor!! where you end up staying for four hours because your arthritis won't let you use your knees or hips to get up and you wait for the EMTs on Lift Assist can get to you.) Yet, something is still blocking the airway. It is your own body part that is still relaxed, blocking precious air. After choking for a few seconds, that seems like minutes, you regain your awake breathing rhythm and you scratch out "what the hell?"  THAT IS WHAT SLEEP APNEA IS LIKE.  

It can be worse. Some people's bodies do not send that shot of adrenalin, thus not waking them up, but they remain non-breathing which can cause a stroke, heart attack or heart  failure and/or death. 

There are machines out there that pump air continually into your nose and mouth in the event your muscles stop cooperating with the rest of your body that wants to stay alert and alive. To get a C-Pap machine, you have to go to your doctor, have the doc give you a referral to an expensive sleep study. You may have to wear a belt that transmits your vitals to a nearby hospital. Or you go to the hospital for a sleep study with a technician and doctor that confirm that yes, indeed you stop breathing when you sleep. (Why anyone would lie about almost dying in their sleep and needs this verification is beyond me, but I'll jump the hoop.) They try different masks and pressures to see what helps you keep breathing The doctor submits this information with the okay to get CPAP machine to a vendor You sleep for a week to a month dying and coming back to life four or five times a night until that glorious day that you get your CPAP machine. The vendor fits it and instructs you and tells you that they "will be checking and recording the hours of use or they will take your life giving machine away"  YIKES!

So each night, you fill the humidifier with water, IF you are lucky to get one to offset the drymouth that you could get from the force of the wind from the CPAP, and you put on a mask that makes you look like a fighter pilot, and you know your bed partner has no desire to kiss or snuggle with a fighter pilot, but still does not want to wake up next to a corpse. You put your life into the hands of a machine that kicks in with more air, when you quit breathing and saves your life.  Still you are in danger of death, as the noise of the machine and the moisture of your mask cause the edges of the mask to ppffffff and ppfaaaaffff and whistle and pop, keeping the entire house awake and sleep deprived so they could plead temporary insanity before the judge for having killed the CPAP wearer.

Yes, yes there is something you can do. NATURES RITE has developed a herb based supplement that address the source of sleep apnea, not just the symptoms. I have been using the supplement for a little over a week, and I am finding that the incidents of choking during my sleep have not presented since I started to take the supplement,  the Nature's Rite Sleep Apnea supplement.  The supplement comes with a very informative booklet that explains the causes and symptoms of sleep apnea and how their supplement is designed to reduce the causes of sleep apnea. The supplements main ingredient is the Lobelia flower in an exact proportion.
Here is a little of what that booklet includes:
Product Description
As we fall asleep, we move from stage one (drowsiness) into stage two where muscular activity is inhibited (blocked).  This is a function that occurs primarily to keep the dreamer from physically acting out the movements of their dreams that will occur in the next stage, REM sleep.

Unfortunately, as we age, the inhibition of skeletal muscles causes an un-intentional reduction in the signal to the diaphragm muscle.  In stage two sleep, our breathing becomes shallower due to insufficient signal strength to the diaphragmatic muscles.  In sleep apnea sufferers, breathing will stop completely.

When the carbon dioxide level gets high enough, the brain intervenes and causes the body to make a large and immediate inhalation.  This causes a large pressure differential in the pharynx and literally sucks the sagging-soft palate into the airway.  This obstructs the flow and causes a loud “SNORT” disturbing sleep or awakening the subject.

Upon awakening or returning to stage 1 sleep, the reduction of muscle tonus for entry into stage two sleep is released and respiration begins again in a somewhat normal manner.  Then the cycle repeats again.

The problem is caused by the reduction in signal from your brain that reaches your diaphragm.  Shortly after your breathing stops, you take a rapid inhalation and this sucks the soft palate into the airway with a snort; disturbing your sleep.  The appropriate intervention is to enhance the communication from your brain to your diaphragm so that you breathe deeply and steadily throughout the night.  This is true for central and obstructive diagnosis.  They both have the same root cause, the obstruction simply exhaserbates the problem.

The patented bouquet of herbs in Sleep Apnea Relief by Nature’s Rite enhances respiration, relaxes muscles that restrict nervous flow and increases drowsiness.  It represents a wholistic natural solution to sleep apnea.  It is non-habit forming and no-preconditioning is required.  What’s more, it addresses the cause of the problem without drugs, machines or surgery.

This product is designed to increase the respiration of sleepers so that it does not stop during the transition from Stage II to REM.  This keeps Sleep Apnea from disturbing their sleep without the used of CPAP.
It's important to note that this product gets at the root cause of sleep apnea and so it works for BOTH obstructive and central.  You see, the obstruction simply exhaserbates the real issue which is central.

I have decided to add this supplement to my walking pharmacy, called a purse. Thank you, you may have, literally, saved my life.

Any information in this blog is of my experience and opinion.  As always, check with your doctor to see if this supplement is compatible and right for you and your health.  This blog only reflects my experiences with the items in review 



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