Friday, May 27, 2016

Growing Lamps by Kyson

Growing Lamps

Kyson 24W Led Plant Grow Light Bulbs,48pcs SMD Full Band,for Indoor Garden Greenhouse Flower Hydroponics Aquatic Bonsai System,120 Degree Full Spectrum E27

This lamp is the best growing lamp I have ever used.  When I grew plants before, I used a long flourescent like tube and had to adjust the height as the sprouts grew. However, I had limited reach and by the time I found someone to move the fixture, the sprouts were stringy and long.  This lamp is very easily moved and covers as much plant space as my older fixture. The bulbs are much less expensive as well. The bulb emits the light wavelengths that are needed to enhance photosynthesis.  My sprouts are growing sprouts and not stringy sprouts and i can easily adjust the light. YAY

The Seller says:

۞UNIQUE PRODUCT:The Kyson ZW0037 lamp use Real Epistar® Grow LED chips(48pcs 5830smd: 31pcs red light+11pcs blue light+1 pc UV +2pcs white+2pcs warm+1 pc IR),380-840nm Full Spectrum, it can provides the most efficient wavelengths of light to enhance photosynthesis performance hence improving plants' healthy growing.
  • ۞ NO HEAT:Build with heat-sink metal aluminum keeping high intensity temperatures at the appropriate level for plant growth and protection. Low power consumption as light is fully absorbed by plants.
  • ۞OPTIMUM ENERGY: It saves 50% to 90% in energy consumption compared to incandescent bulbs or fluorescent tubes with real grow led chips inside.
  • ۞MORE EFFECTIVE COVERAGE:120 degree wide angle beam covers more efficiently over 10 feet diameter, which is five times larger than ordinary lamps. Light beam spreads evenly without hot spot.
  • ۞WIDE APPLICATION:24W Grow light is Ideal for indoor garden, green house, horticulture, bonsai planting, aquarium, hydroponic or aquaponic planting of flower plants, tomatoes, pepper and other plants such as herbs, medical and leafy vegetables.

  • I am very pleased with this light and will be purchasing more so i can expand my garden!  I received this light at a discounted price in exchange for my honest review.


    Thursday, May 26, 2016

    CardioTabs Lemon Minis


    Have you been looking for a safe and tasteful way to take your vitamins? CardioTabs have come up with a wonderful way to do that. They have made mini tabs with lemon.  They are very easy to swallow and they have a lemony taste.  Each tablet contains Vitamin D3 and Omega-3 fatty acids. Vitamin D3 supports healthy brain and cardiovascular function, supports healthy immune system and bone health.

    The seller says:

    Preventive Cardiologist and Registered Dietitian Developed
  • Easy-to-Swallow
  • 1050 mg of Omega-3
  • 600 IU of vitamin D3
  • Lemon Flavored

  • In three easy-to-swallow softgels Omega-3 Lemon Minis + Vitamin D3 delivers a 2:1 ratio of DHA to EPA to support healthy brain and cardiovascular function.* Each serving contains 1050 mg of omega-3 fatty acids and 600 IU Vitamin D3 to support a healthy immune system as well as bone health.* Our product is independently tested and certified to ensure purity from contaminants and heavy metals, including mercury and lead. How is Omega-3 Lemon Minis + Vitamin D3 purified? CardioTabs Omega-3 Lemon Minis undergoes a highly complex purification processes including molecular distillation. How is Omega-3 Lemon Minis + Vitamin D environmentally friendly? CardioTabs Omega-3 Lemon Minis is a sustainably sourced DHA and EPA concentrated marine oil. CardioTabs Omega-3 Lemon Minis Marine Oil is a product of food grade calamari production. This oil is obtained using safe and sustainable fishing techniques that do not destroy the ocean habitat or deplete the fish stocks.

    I received this bottle of Cardio Tab Lemon Minis at a reduced price in exchange for this honest review.

    Saturday, May 21, 2016

    Folding Duffle Bag

    Ssking Folding Duffle Bag!!!

    You never can have enough purses or bags.  There is always a need for one more, either for you or for someone else.  I got this roomy, folding duffle bag to review and I love it.  It is big, has plentyof space and pockets. It is made of durable tightly woven cloth and has strapping handles and strapping the reinforces the shape of the bag.  My bag came in a coralish, pink. I know the also come in blue.
    The seller adds:

    ★LARGE SPACE: Ssking Foldable DUFFEL BAG with XX . Large enough to hold towels, bathing suits, flip flops, hats, lotions, books & much more

  • ★SUPERIOR QUALITY: RipStop fabric that resists wear and tear; high quality zippers with pull string will not break on you.
  • ★Packable: Get the space of a large suitcast without the bulk and weight; lightweight, foldable and compact duffle
  • ★Wide applications: Super Lightweight, Durable and Fashionable colours, great for casual day use, travelling, shopping, overnight, sports, gym, weekend and vacation. In addition, it is quite a perfect gift for you and your friends
  • ★100% SATISFACTION GUARANTEED: We stand behind our product. If you are not completely satisfied we will give you a full refund, zero questions asked!
  • #Ssing

    I am really enjoying this jumbo duffle bag. I have used it shopping, at the gym, an overnight bag, to carry my crocheting, carrying my scrapbooking.  I think I am going to have to buy a few more because everyone wants to borrow it.  I see Christmas presents in my future!!
    I received this wonderful duffel bag at a greatly reducted price in exchange for this honest review.


    Travel Backpack


    One of my son's will be attending UC-Berkeley this fall. (and I am such a modest mama, so proud, so proud) I keep wondering and asking what he needs so I can help him out at school.  So when this backpack came up for review, I jumped at it and hoped that I would be chosen.
    This backpack is one of the best I have seen, and in all the years of buying backpacks for my kids, I've seen an awful lot of backpacks!
    This backpack has a leather bottom that will keep it from wearing out not matter how much it gets thrown around. I hope it won't be thrown around because it come equipped with a laptop pocket and another pocket that would fit a tablet.  In addition to these, there is a large area for books.  There is a netted holder for water bottles and an area for cell phones. It is made of a thick nylon and padded all over the place including the straps that go over your shoulders.  There are many, many pockets. The zippers seem to be installed with good sewing.  The pulls on the zippers are plastic but have leather pulls.  This is one of the best quality backpacks I have seen.
    The seller says:

    Durable and strong quality: bag with organizer pockets and mesh pockets

  • Stylish lightweight large best laptop backpacks to fit up to 17.3 inch laptop
  • For air travelers business professionals school collage students hiking for women & men's and for everyday use
  • Padded sleeve and adjustable shoulder strap for superior safety to the laptop camera tablet iPad when travelling
  • Unit dimensions 20 x 12.5 x 7.5 inches
  • I think he will love it and use it.  It is very durable and made of high strength materials
    I received this travel backpack in exchange for this honest review.


    Panda, bookmark, necklace

    Panda Mom and  Baby Necklace
    If you have read my blog, you know, I love pandas. I know they are not bears, but rodents that eat Bamboo, but, they are oh so cute, awwww.

    BoxMeNotJewelry has found a very cute and unique way of boxing their jewelry.  They have put a necklace and pendant of a panda and her baby inside, coupled it with a bookmark with information on the panda.  The Panda, the box, is so very cute and fuzzy. The necklace, very clean and cut in a circle.  Very cute. Any child would fall in love with pandas at this point.

    The seller says: panda mother with cub enameled metal alloy necklace, 24" aluminum ball chain that can be easily clipped with scissors or wire snips to a shorter length
  • comes in black and white velour jewelry box in the shape of a panda bear (measures 2 3/8"L x 2"W)
  • panda lovers will appreciate the keepsake bookmark (6" x 2") with the fun saying "Always be yourself. Unless you can be a panda, then be a panda."
  • made to last, be allergy free and safe for children to wear (nickel and lead free)
  • each package is assembled by hand and ready to gift in a beautiful 5" x 8" bamboo green organza gift bag (see photos)

  • This necklace is so cute. Any little child would love the case and the neclace. So would some adults, like me. I love the necklace, the case, the bookmark and I will wear it in my classroom and share the informaton. Like all things like that, I probably will end up giving it away to a child.

    I got my necklace at a reduced price in exchange for this honest reward.

    CoQ10 by Bioganix


     There has been much focus on digestive health as of late.  People are worried about yeast in their stomach, belly flat, flat tummies, probiotics, etc. I did some research and there is no one answer. One physician (when you "google CoQ10 many physicians come up offering the same combination) advises a specific combination of supplements that would help to stablize and make digestion more efficient and less fat leaving.
    Here is the combination he provides:  CoQ10 + Gluthathines +antioxygen (PQQ)  Of course you can get these in large amounts of peanuts, green peppers, papaya, kiwi, avocado and green tea (Gluthathines) blueberries, purple grapes and green tea (Antioxygen) + CoQ10.  Yes, you can get all of these in pill form. They are rather expensive. The makers of CoQ10 offer those and the CoQ10, BioGanix, in an affordable supplement form. I have been taking the combination for a little more than a week and I am noticing, less gas, less constipation, bloating AND best of all a weight loss. I have lost 5 pounds in week one!! I received my supplement for a reduced cost in exchange for this honest review.
    Don't hesitate to get your bottle from them!


    Friday, May 20, 2016

    Shikshake Perfect Cocktail Shaker


    The Shikshake Cocktail Shaker Kit is one of the best shakers out there.  It comes with strainer, jigger, shaker and recipe book.  It gives you all sorts of drink recipes.  The kit itself is made of polished stainless steel.  I keep getting complements from all my guests on the shaker and the drinks!
    Seller Says

    BEST OFFER - Cobbler Shaker 25 oz in Luxurious velvet bag, Double Jigger 1&1/2 oz, 2 Pourers & Ebook.

  • HIGHEST QUALITY - All pieces are made of stainless steel 304 grade 18/8 , NO RUST & NO LEAKS.
  • FDA APPROVED MATERIALS & DISHWASHER SAFE - Each product undergoes extensive testing in the USA.
  • BONUS EBOOK: 100 COCKTAIL RECIPES - Choose the best drink for you & learn the best way to drink it.
  • LIFETIME GUARANTE & 100% SATISFACTION - This is a risk free purchase

  • I received this shaker at a reduced price in exchange for this honest review.

    Wednesday, May 18, 2016


           "Forever in My Heart"

    This is a glass heart with a twist on stopper. It is intended for the use of keeping the ashes of a pet. It is purple color with silver bands and writing on it that says "Forever in My Heart.  It can be worn as a necklace or simply placed on a shelf.

    The seller says  ELEGANT PURPLE RHINESTONE CREMATION URN PENDANT: Delicately crafted tastefully designed cremation urn necklace for ashes.
  • KEEP YOUR BELOVED CLOSE: Wear everyday or place it on a mantle next to your favorite photograph.
  • KEEP THEM SAFE: Our secure threaded screw top will give you peace of mind when wearing.
  • URN NECKLACE COMES WITH EXTRAS: Comes in a velvet bag, 17 inch snake necklace and a fill kit.
  • QUALITY CREMATION JEWELRY: We meticulously inspect every single item before it leaves our offices
  • I really like this lockett and I will save it for a future time.  It is a wonderful way to remember those pets you love.
    I received this pendant at a reduced price in exchange for this honest review.


    Monday, May 16, 2016

    Window Film

    I have always loved stained glass. Anything affordable and stainglass had to be mine.  The cost was always the prohibitor and also was the size. Afterall, I had no place to put a huge church window!!  So I would go after the stainglass I could afford. Seems i a still in that position. My bathroom has a semi clear window and my first thought is: stainglass.  So along comes this company with window film that looks like stainglass with different accents on colors. I'm in love. The window film comes in different patternsand colors. In general, they come in sheet of 12 x 18. The window film is easy to apply and to remove.
    The Seller says:
    Clear Window films by Windowpix protects your space from UV rays, while providing the perfect decorative accent for any window or glass door. Available in a variety of highly-detailed images and stained glass designs, window films create the visual effect and sparkle of textured stained to quickly transform spaces. WindowPix films refract light, while diminishing glare and saving on energy costs. Window films can be easily applied to any Window panels and are non-adhesive (no sticky residue). Simply clean the glass surface with a window cleaner. Then spray it with a mix of soap and water. Apply the window film over the soap/water mix and use the provided squeegee tool to remove any remaining air bubbles. Films are easily removed using soapy water or regular glass cleaner. These films provide UV protection and are the perfect accent for windows that require basic privacy without compromising on decor. Our window films can be easily removed and rolled for storage and can be used again and again!  WindowPix patented products are all made and produced in the USA with dedication and care for the product. 

    I love my stainglass film and I know that I have complete privacy as well as beauty in my bath. I received this item at a reduced cost in exchange for this honest review.

    Wednesday, May 11, 2016

    Caperici Earrings

    CAPERICI EARRINGS  Rose Gold Plated CZ & Pearl Stud Earrings 


    In the week that I have worn these earrings, I have received so many compliments and questions that I was falling behind on my things-to-do schedule!!   These earrings are beautiful. They are of rose gold, a faux pearl, but an amazing false pearl with criss cross studded rose gold bars. They are very very different. I have not seen anything like them anywhere.  They are definitely dress up and going out earrings, very sophisticated and expensive looking. (but they are not expensive at all)  They are for pierced ears and come with a plastic plated secure closure.  I hope they have a matching necklace, because, I love these earrings and I am on the hunt!!
    I received these earrings at a greatly reduced price in exchange for this honest review.
    The seller, FollowBest says
    Bold and colorful, these eye-catching earrings features round wihte pearl wrapped with sparkling CZ framed in rose gold.Material: Copper, Faux-Pearl and Cubic Zirconia
    Round wihte pearl wrapped with sparkling CZ framed in rose gold
    Stud Measurements: 1.2cm x 1cm, Weight: 6.8g
    Buy from Caperci Inc., get quality earrings at most favorable prices
    Gender for women, Gift Box


    Tuesday, May 10, 2016

    I Did It: A Guide to Tummy Tuck Surgery

    I DID IT: A Guide to Tummy Tuck Surgery
                     by Lillach Gruppa

    I really am not in the market for a tummy tuck, but I was looking far ahead to the day that I might have bariatric surgery. I understand that often, after weightloss, a person has skin the hangs down where the fat used to be.  I thought I might be in the market for a tummy tuck after the bariatric weightloss.

    This book by author Gruppa tells of her experience preparing deciding whether to have the surgery, what to expect and how your feelings about yourself will change.

    The author says:  A full and practical guidebook to the process of tummy-tuck surgery.Do you miss the flat tummy you used to have, or never had but always wanted? Do you fantasize about loving your body and experiencing it in a new and satisfying way? Then this guide is just for you!Allow the real you to shine!I did it! clearly and directly addresses the physical, mental and spiritual changes involved in tummy-tuck surgery. It offers thorough insight into the full procedure and covers all aspects including possible concerns and required decisions, necessary pre-surgery preparation at home and at work, a must-buy shopping list, lab tests, essential actions and precautions, costs, recovery and healing period, the day after and evaluation of the surgical results.Includes a handy and detailed checklist and useful tracking utilities, as well as authentic photographic documentation of the entire process!Find inner love and balance and live in harmony with your body!
    You hold the ability to make a dramatic change in your life.

    • With I did it! you will be able to:
      Find new freedom and confidence.
      Develop a new relationship with your body and a deep sense of inner connection with yourself.
      Productively deal with your fears and concerns and with the reactions of your immediate and distant surrounding
    I found this book to be very helpful in telling me what to expect and alleving fears. 
    I got my book at a reduced price in exchange for this review.



    Monday, May 9, 2016

    Career Your Passion

                             BY  Dr. Orenia Yaffe-Yanai

    I've often heard, "if you love what you do, you will never work a day in your life."  I believe this to be true. If you love what you are doing, it's not work.

    Many young adults as they approach graduation from high school have some kind of inkling of what they would like to do with their life as far as career or what they want to for a living. Some are even steered that way by well meaning parents, guidance counselors, and school tracks.  Many "find their calling" and are happy, living satisfying lives.
    What about the others that really have no idea what they want to do, like to do and have or don't have the finances to  pursue the career or path that they desire?  How does one decide what to do with their lives.

    Dr. Orenia Yaffe-Yanai, a clinical and occupational psychologist, addresses the issue of career or life choice in her book, Career Your Passion".  She addresses the important connection of ability, talents and passion.  She talks of what resources may be needed to reach those careers.  It is written for people of all ages.
    She also addresses "blocks" -- things that block people from making those decisions that meet their passion with their careers.

    This book has moved me to re-examine my life, my career and lifetime goals at the age of 56.  I have enjoyed my work, but I also have bouts of depression which circle around my life career.

    I received this book at a reduced cost in exchange for this honest review.

    The seller says:

    If you feel mental blocks, confusion, loss of direction or despair - “Career Your Passion” will serve as your guide, and lay the infrastructure of walking in your road.Did you ever ask yourself:
    • How will I express my skills?
      In which career will I feel enjoyment and fulfillment?
      Where am I stuck?
      How is it that I don’t know what I want?
      And if I do know what I want, how is it that I have no clue of how to fulfill it?
      How will I know to identify what I love?
      What occupation will fill me with energy and enthusiasm?
      How will I know what’s right for me with so many possibilities?

    Unexpectedly, career realization and fulfillment processes are not always clear, easy or available to us. Sometimes they require an effort and an immense amount of searching, frustration and pain. These processes obligate dealing with mental blocks, which are like signs directing us to new places and to development of patterns, expertise and new tools within ourselves.
    The book of Dr. Orenya Yafa Yanai,“Career Your Passion”, the fruit of her years-long work as a senior clinical and occupational psychologist, has immediately turned into a bestseller with its publishing. The book tells about journeys of people, accompanied by Dr. Yanai in the roads of their careers, echoing the pain of the missing career and the realization that occupation is a fundamental layer in an individual’s identity. The book grants hope that there is a unique fulfillment road to walk in for every individual and creates enlightening connections between the emotional and the practical, between the inner understanding and the ability to get up and do it.
    The book, coming from the assumption that a person knows his road just as a river knows its way into the sea, is aiming for fulfillment and designation questions out of investigation of the connection between an individual’s sources and passions to his occupation and his repeating necessity to sharpen the meaning and the road of occupation.
    The book also investigates the experience of mental block and its sources, and mostly directing its gaze to the inner forces, to the models of dealing with the difficulty and to the personal abilities allowing for the construction of the road leading to the awaited fulfillment.


    Sunday, May 8, 2016



    As I have shared with my regular readers, I am temporarily disabled with hips that no longer have muscle and arthritus throughout my body.  I take pain pills, but still experience the aching and shooting pains that come with it.  Most days I manage, but I keep looking for reduction of pain and hopefully regrowing the muscles that are deteriorating or gone.

    I saw this, Hydrolagen and had to give it a try. I have been on it for just over a week and I am feeling much much better all the way around.  It has helped my joints and the inflammation to go down.  My aches and shooting pains have lessened. I can go on for hours now without thinking about pain.  I am even thinking of returning to my cane versus my go go so I can get more exercise, loose my weight, and get my hip replacement.  Hydrolagen also helps those that are healing from injury or surgery.  So I am sure it is going to help me then!!

    An added benefit is that it seems to be tightening up some of my skin and neck and chin.  I have been fighting the double chin and waddle neck.  Hydrolagen seems to be helping that as well!! I am definitely going to keep it up!!

    The seller says:
    Stay Young And Healthy With The Help Of The Ultimate Collagen Supplement On The Market!
    Do you want to reduce wrinkles and improve joint health?

    The best collagen supplement is called Hydrolagen and is now available on Amazon.

    Most hydrolyzed collagen supplements are not efficient as they only offer you low doses of hydrolyzed collagen and no vitamins.

    Hydrolagen contains all the necessary vitamins that your body needs in order to use hydrolyzed collagen to make new tissue.

    incomparable blend is rich in vitamins C, B1, B2, B3, B5, B6, B9, B12, D3 as well as biotin, boswellia, inositol, choline bitartrate and PABA that can promise amazing and visible results.
    Using this advanced collagen supplement can help you fight signs of aging such as wrinkles and joint issues as it works as a building block of connective tissue by maintaining its elasticity.

    What is more, it prevents joint and bone degeneration. In this way, it helps you maintain joint flexibility and it saves you from joint pain.

    Remain looking and feeling young and healthy thanks to this unique, finest quality collagen supplement.
    Keeping you satisfied is our number one goal. This is why we offer you a 100% money back guarantee for 90 days if this supplement does not live up to your expectations.
    Do Not Waste Time And Place Your Order Now As Quantities Are Limited

    I am really loving Hydrolagen. It is giving me my energy back as I am not wasting that energy on coping with pain.
    I got  my bottle of Hydrolagen at an extremely reduced price in exchange for my honest review.


    Thursday, May 5, 2016

    Caperci Elephant Stud Earrings


    I used to know a wonderful elderly woman whose living room was filled with a collection of elephants in all shapes and sizes.  It was magical. I would walk around from shelf to shelf looking at them all, wishing I had a collection like that. I think her love of elephants stayed with me because I am so inclined to collect elephants too. Thank you Grace, and I miss you.  So, in her honor I will share with you these wonderful earrings.

    These earrings are white gold studs with beautiful, and I mean, gorgeous CZ.  Very very stunning.

    The seller says:
    Clear CZ ornaments the cute elephant body. The elephant is completed with a black rhinestone eye. They are beautiful enough and simple to be worn for an ordinary work day. Stud animal earrings for pierced earrings

    I received these studs at a reduced price in exchange for this honest review.



    MONEY FOR WOMEN by Tami Yaari

    "As a woman, in order to win, a woman must know her weaknesses and strengths."

    This is a very up front, honest, no messing around book of advice for women on making their money goals. Money goals are very much tied into life goals and quality of life.  Tami Yaari writes of things women do to sabatoge themselves from financial success and lessening the life, the quality of life, they could be living.

    Yaari explains the sabatoges, but also tells the reader what they can do to ensure success. She also includes exercises that will help launch a journey. Her book is written in a very easy to read and understand way.

    The author/seller say:
    Book description :“MONEY FOR WOMEN” is not just another book on money, or women.
    It will change your life. The way you see yourself, the ways in which you limit yourself from making the best use of your financial potential and how you can easily make more money by being more true to yourself.

    Every woman, at any age, status and occupation can make more money!
    Today more than ever before.
    So can you. Whether you’re employed or a business owner, this book will show you how.

    As a woman your position in the job market is totally different than man’s position, and your road to success is inherently different too. As a woman, in order to win, you must know your weaknesses as well as your strengths.
    True stories and empowering exercises inside

    "This book will change your life" This book is being published at just the right time in my life.
    I received this book at a reduced price in exchange for this honest review.


    Wednesday, May 4, 2016


    Valentia, An Exfoliant Made from Green and White Tea!  The Exfoliant for Eternal Youth!!

    Ahhhhh, Eternal Youth!  wouldn't that not be grand to look forever young.  Well until they do, we do have Valentia's exfoliant.  This exfoliant makes use of natures resources to help restore the moisture and flexiability of the skin to which it is applied.The exfoliant makes use of the Dead Sea Salt and Green and White Teas.The consistency is like that of vaseline, perhaps a tad looser.  It has a nice fresh, clean aroma and goes on smooth, Rinses clear and left me feeling refreshed.
    The Seller says:

    VALENTIA'S ETERNAL YOUTH EXFOLIATING SCRUB is more than just your ordinary beauty scrub. It is rich in natural ingredients that provides hydration and rejuvenates your skin to help keep your face looking young and radiant. Let's have a look at these natural ingredients:
    ALL NATURAL BUTTERS: Specialized moisturizing ingredients including three different types of tropical butters hydrate dry skin, helping to repair signs of aging that leave skin dull and lifeless. Aloe Vera, a nutrient rich plant firms and hydrates skin leaving it feeling smooth and looking luminescent all day long.
    VITAMIN RICH INGREDIENTS: Nourishing vitamins such as A, B1, B2, D and E work to smooth rough and uneven skin, combat the signs of aging and softens skin. Anti-inflammatory properties from white and green tea give skin a smooth, youthful glow.
    REFRESHES & REJUVENATES: Antioxidant-rich green and white tea fights wrinkles, dry skin and other signs of aging, while Jojoba beads gently scrub away dead skin without damaging healthy skin cells. The result is brighter, tighter skin.
    ANTI-AGING PROPERTIES: All of our natural ingredients work together, creating a powerful formula that fights the signs of aging. Obliterating free radicals through a deep cleanse, this scrub will leave skin feeling like new. Dry and sagging skin will be firm and moist so you look your age...or younger!
    REMOVES TOXINS: A gentle scrub releases toxins and free radicals that work to leave skin looking dull, grey, and lifeless. Cleanse and rejuvenate skin regularly to keep it looking vibrant, fresh and youthful.
    Valentia believes in the power of nature and therefore we proudly treat nature with the utmost respect and care. Inside every Valentia product you will find ingredients that are organic, natural, toxin and paraben­free, made using sustainable energy, vegan friendly, animal cruelty free, and made in the USA.

    Our experts have scientifically formulated products that are highly concentrated with only the most potent natural medicines, meaning a little goes a long way. In our firm conviction that everyone deserves self­care and to have access to luxury skincare solutions, we always keep our products priced fairly.
    Enhance your skin care routine today. Treat yourself to Valentia's Eternal Youth Exfoliating Scrub and experience the benefits for yourself.

    I like this exfoliant very very much and I like touse it in the mornings because it makes me feel so refreshing and keeps my skin so clean and clear. 
    I received my exfoliant at a reduced price in exchange for this honest review.
      #natural beauty

                    Tuesday, May 3, 2016

                    First Botony Coconut Scrub

                    COCONUT BODY POLISH

                    I LOVE COCONUT. I love the look of it, snowy white, I love the taste of the islands and I absolutely LOVE the aroma of coconut!  I have coconut hair mask, coconut shampoo, coconut conditioner, coconut oil, coconut air freshener etc.
                    Now I have a coconut body scrub made by First Botany!!
                    It is made with Dead Sea Salts mixed with coconut oil.  It exfoliates gently and smells sweet and wonderful
                    The seller says:
                    There is no better way to finish a shower or bath than with this First Botany Coco Scrub body polish scrub. It gently exfoliates and moisturizes your skin, leaving it glowing and radiant. Gently massage onto damp skin. Rinse with warm water leaving your skin smooth and smelling divine. It instantly softens, smoothes and revitalizes your skin.Our Coco Scrub offers following:
                    • Infused with skin-softening milk.
                    • Refines skin's texture for a polished appearance.
                    • Stimulates and exfoliates.
                    • Moisturizes skin with safflower seed and grape seed oils.
                    • Abundant with vitamins A, B and E .
                    • Rich in protein which is fabulous for damaged skin.

                    Instead of using body scrubs with harsh chemicals, Try today our Coco Glow Scrub that combines coconut milk with oils that leave your skin nourished and moisturized rather than just cleansed.
                    Why waste money in high-priced spa treatments to get your skin glowing? Indulge in our coco body polish to experience an unforgettable experience to finish a shower. Try our amazing CocoGlow Scrub Risk-Free with Our 100 % Satisfaction Guarantee! 
                    Order Now and get Professional Results and Full-On Pampering Without Straining Your Budget

                    I LOVE COCONUT! I received my coconut polish at a reduced price in exchange for this honest review.


                    MINI FAIRY LIGHTS

                    MORE TO COME

                    Monday, May 2, 2016

                    first botany OIL Shampoo

                     THERAPEUTIC   SHAMPOO

                    I used to go to a salon when funds were more plentiful. I really enjoyed the attention, the pampering, the head massage AND the Morrocan Argon Shampoo.  Oh how I missed it.  I started looking everywhere for that shampoo. My hair would come out smelling like heaven and rejuvenated, rehydrated and soft, glorious to the touch, sleek, shiney, beautiful.

                    I now have to thank First Botany for making this shampoo available.  It is exactly the same as the salon and the results EVEN BETTER!
                    The seller says:
                    This is not a regular shampoo but a therapeutic shampoo. Argan oil spearheads our formula and helps supply shine and a healthy look to the hair with its abundance of Vitamin E, carotene & essential fatty acids. Our Argan Shampoo helps to remove follicle-clogging sebum, fatty acids and environmental residues from the scalp skin and hair. Hypoallergenic, contains 100% pure Argan Oil of the Highest Quality and Purity. Gentle, Sulfate Free Shampoo great for all hair types, including color treated hair. The Argan oil-infused formula absorbs instantly to fill gaps in hair made by heat, styling and environmental damage. This Argan oil is also rich in omega 3 and 9 fatty acids that will help in the healing of split ends.Application is a simple as your old shampoo, but with remarkably great results. After rinsing hair, dispense a quarter size of shampoo and massage into hair from the scalp to ends. Allow shampoo to sit for two to three minutes allowing oils to penetrate scalp and hair.It gently cleanses hair without stripping essential moisture and oils (also does not strip color).

                    If you had a color treatment on your hair, applying this product will help you remove the brittleness of the hair and restore its natural smoothness. For those who love to treat and have their hair styled very often, this product will definitely help in the repair and restoration of damaged hair due to styling.
                    Order Argan Shampoo Now and see your hair going from rough and frizzy to brilliantly shiny, smooth and manageable.

                    I love this therapeutic shampoo!  I received my bottle for a greatly reduced price in exchange for this honest review.