Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Miniature kit of Zoo Animals

 by Cindick

 This bag of animals is a great, true to life,non-toxic color and shape, easy to set up and stay standing. It also comes with trees and greenery that you can use for scenery around the animals. The animals come in a strong plastic container. I found the animals to be smaller than I expected but that is a plus with the limited space I have and the tiny hands that will be playing with them. This is a wonderful way to introduct animals to children. They can be used in sorting and classifying as far as colors, climates, herbivores, omnivores and carnivores. Animals are something that are taught to every child and that almost every child enjoys.

The seller, Cindick, says: 
  • Farm animals made of plastic,solid,non-toxic paint
    Convenient carrying and storage,the great birthday gifts or party supplies.
    Learning resources,kids are easy to distinguish the realistic animals.
    Includes 32 wild animals,16 fence,4 grass,1 coconut tree,1 rockery
    Animals toys measure 2.2 inch,box measure 6 inch diameter

 I recieved this wonderful set of animals at a reduced price in exchange for this honest review.


NetAngler Lures

Net Angler Lures

These are some of the best fishing lures I have ever owned They are made of high quality plastic that move and shows like a real fish bate in movement. They are made for Cast or Troll. The casting distance max 45-50m 3D lifelike eyes. High resolution body detail Made of ABS plastic The dimensions and weight of the lures:
Length:56mm 2.2";Weight:14.3g;Depth:2.5m The lures Have Strong&Sharp VMC6# Hooks that are sharp and effective. I took these lures fishing and we caught more bass than we had in quite awhile. I'm planning to buy several more lures to increase our catch of other fish as well. I have never had such high quality lures. I received these lures at a reduced price in exchange for my honest review.


Dave's Money Belt

 Dave's Money Belt Money Wallet

If you are planning a trip, this is the money belt to take along with you.  OUTSTANDING TRAVEL WALLET. I have been preparing for travel and on my list is a good money wallet. What makes a good money wallet? It is one that you can fit alot of your important papers, money, passport, tickets, and maybe your cell phone. BUT it must be light, easy to wear and cool on the body. A perfect travel wallet will be easy to fit, and fit securely, but be easy for the wearer to take off and put on. This wallet comes with a belt that has a squeezeable clip. The perfect travel wallet is made by Dave, Dave's Travel wallet, money belt. It has all I looked for and more: it has zippered pockets so you could organize your travel things. It is light and cool to wear. It is not bunchee likesome of the wallets that add about 20 faux pounds to your belly! It is big enough for money, passports and other documents. I recieved this wallet at a reduced price in exchange for this honest review.
The seller adds: 
     210D Ripstop Nylon
  • Imported
  • More secure than a travel wallet, money belts are your key to peace of mind. I never travel without one. A money belt is a small, zippered fabric pouch that fastens around the waist under your pants or skirt. You wear it completely hidden from sight, tucked in like a shirttail - over your undies and shirt, under your pants. Most people wear the pouch over their stomach,
  • Use it for Money, ID, Passport, credit cards etc smart phone. Can travel the world without fear. Or put it during sports or running .
  • Comfortable against skin, fast drying and made up of fabric breathes. is suitable for all sizes.
  • The perfect gift for family members , and Your wife - so keep on loving you protected, Against theft and loss of money or phone during the trip.
  • Buy a refund of 100% guaranteed - if you're not satisfied with the product you can return and get a full refund.



Silver Light Blue Opal Love Claddagh Ring Size 6  I FEEL IT'S THE MOST BEAUTIFUL RING EVER

SUPERB GORGEOUS RING. I can honestly say that this is the most beautiful ring I have ever owned. It is sterling silver with two hands in the Claddagh fashion expressing friendship and promise. The hands are holding a lab created MOST BEAUTIFUL LIGHT BLUE OPAL, crowned with a crystal diamond. I feel the same about this lab created opal that I do about the zircroniom diamonds: THEY ARE JUST AS OR EVEN MORE BEAUTIFUL than the real dirt dug jewels. If it is lovely, I don't care. I still cherish the jewel as if it were real. I have gotten so many many compliments on this ring. It is hard to go anywhere without someone stopping me or wanting to know where I got this awesome ring. I received this ring at a greatly reduced price in exchange for this honest review. The price is very affordable and every woman should own one to feel the joy of having such a lovely ring on their finger.

Glitzs, the seller says: Express your love and friendship with this timeless Claddagh ring. A small, heartshaped, lab-created light blue opal (6mm) is held in place by a four pronge silver setting. Above the heart and below a small silver crown, a small clear Cubic Zirconia stone is held in place by three small silver prongs. The face of the ring is held by a small silver hand on either side of the heart. The Claddagh ring is a traditional Irish ring which represents love, loyalty, and friendship (the hands represent friendship, the heart represents love, and the crown represents loyalty

 I received this gorgeous ring at a greatly reduced price in exchange for this honest review.


Glass Hearts


 As soon as I saw these I fell in love with the clear glass hearts. Clear alone they are magnificent and very well done.  They shine and often give off an irridescent glow.  They came six in a box, all carefully wrapped in their own bubble wrap pouch and separated by cardboard dividers. All this is in a relatively strong box. Included is a jewelry cloth for polishing the hearts to a high shine. Here are the heart baubles I created:

 This glass heart I filled with glitter flakes that I found at a hobby store.  I simply filled the heart, shook it up so it was light and fluffy and evening distributed.

 Above is a glass heart filled with a string of LED lights that plug into a computer or into a regular outlet. It is one of my favorites because as you back away, the wires cannot be seen, just the heart glowing!

Above is a glass heart filled with all colors of tissue paper. I simply chose colors of the pink area and stuffed them into the heart, carefully, with a long stick or pencil.  Then I carefully slide the charms in, one at a time, moving them to the space I thought was the most aethetic and where they would be seen.

 The above one is a little bit tricky.  Ifilled the heart with glitter and sequins and added water. I shook it until it was to my liking.  Then I filled the heart with water. I plugged the water with a cork, gluing it in the hole in the top. Then I carefully put on the hanger, pressing the prongs into the dried cork. Everytime you shake it, sends a flurry of sequins and glitter swirling around.

 The lace heart, above, was made by filling the heart with strips of ribbon that I had on hand. I had gold lace that curled on the ends and I put that in as well.  I then surrounded the heart with lace that has purple ribbon woven into it. I added two silk tea roses at the top to give it a valentine or sort of shabby chic tone.

I left my last heart plain as I plan to add it to the bottom of my chandelier!

If you would like a box of these glass hearts, they are sold on Amazon by Tan's Jewelry and the link is below.  I recieved my hearts at a greatly discounted price in return for this honest review.


Wednesday, August 24, 2016



       PROGRAM YOUR VOICE TO SAY "hello, welcome to my home! or even "GO AWAY!

 I moved into a house that didn't have a doorbell. People told me not to worry, they would put one in for me. Two years have gone by and all those promises are still outstanding! I am not an electrician and like many women, their spouses are ambitious while buying hardware, but when it comes to installing, its the women who figure it out, or get someone who knows to do it. Well neither of that happened AND does not have to happen. I found Papayay Waterproof Wireless Doorbell. I have two choices for installing 1) use the two sided 3m tape, put the push botton on the tape in the spot outside of the house so people can announce their coming. Or, you can use the screws and support brackets that are included for you to mount the doorbell button. The other part, the receiver is the larger round box. You just plug that in an outlet within range of the transmitter (doorbell button). No wiring, no fuzzing over what goes where. Besides being easy to mount, you can program this doorbell to play different sounds like, doofbell, birds, clocks, engines, your own voice can be recorded or a song. When a visitor pushes the button, whatever they push wiill delight them and alert you that someone is at the door. Hard of hearing?? You can also adjust the volume. I ABSOLUTELY LOVE THIS DOORBELL!!! i GOT this doorbell at a reduced price in exchange for this honest review.



Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Tree ofLife Earrings

These are my #ElegantDanglingSterlingSilverEarrings!

I love the Tree Of  Life theme. I love the way the jewelry artists created these beautiful filigree earrings with the Tree of Life. I have seen many pendants but not earrings. Now I will see if I can find a pendant to go with it! You can find these earrings here:

The seller, Renaissance Jewellry Ltd. says:
  • Base Metal: .925 Sterling Silver
    Lightweighted, Dangling Life of Tree
    Highly Polished and Covered by 2 layers plating for endurablility
    Produced by Professional Fine Jewelry Manufacturer
I received these earrings at great discount in exchange for this honest review.


Monday, August 22, 2016

Scarf with Kisses

Oh What A Wonderful Scarf
This scarf is wonderful. It has a soft, linen like feel. It is about two yards long and a yard wide.  It can be worn as a scarf or a shawl. The design are lips on a background of black or pink, white, etc The lips on the black one are florescent green. They are so bright it looks as if they would shine in the dark.  Were this one for Halloween or Valentines Day!


Monday, August 15, 2016


So Realistic, People Won't Believe
 they are Fake  JELLYFISH FOR YOUR

If ever you have been to an public aquarium, I am sure you have stopped to gaze at the gracefulness of the jellyfish of many colors! The ones above....which are real and which are synthetic? Come on, answer before  you go on.....trick question, the above are both synthetic!  They are made to be places in your aquarium, in the flow from the aireator so it can open up and flow with the current.  That is the way they will look real in your tank.   I think they are just adoreable and so realistic, I could watch them for hours.

The seller says:

Product Description Material:Silicone and fluorescent powder

Color will send only 1 in random:
Blue, Yellow, Pink, Green, Orange, Purple
S Size: 18*5 cm

Package Weight:
105g (Approx)


  • Ideal decoration for the fish tank or aquarium

    Incredibly detailed imitation floating jellyfish

    Moves by water current in tank

    For both fresh and salt water

    Attaches by thin invisible line and suction cup, can be controlled the random position


Glowing effect:
(the glowing effect is the fluorescence effect:
When the object obsorbed the energe like ultraviolet,Solar short wave,
it will slightly emit the light for a while in darkness )

I love my jellyfish. It is probably the safetest way to have one! I got my jellyfish at a reduced price in exchange for this honest review.