Monday, September 5, 2016

Yak Therapy Singing Bowl


 I have always dreamed of owning a singing bowl authentic or rendition. This Singing Bowl is a wonderful rendition of the Singing Bowls of long ago. The bowls are used to play sounds, like a musical instrument. You lightly, but firmly run the mallot along the rim to hear harmonics. The harmonics are perfect for meditation, healing, and creating well being reducing depression, opening chakras. It is a musical instrument that is used for meditation, relaxation and reducing stress. They are made of brass and copper with beautiful decorations.This bowl is made of copper, brass, lead, silver and gold which are considered sacred elements needed for stress reduction. It was made in Nepal.  The sound.....IS INCREDIBLE! As I listened, I felt sleepy, relaxed and my arthritic joints would quiver to stillness.  It was truly amazing! I swear to this as true. The bowl comes with a silk round cushion and wooden mallot where the playing end is covered with leather. The  bowl, mallot and cushion come in a silk drawstring bag.  The entire set comes in a beautifully decorate gift box. THe paper on the box is made by a special process in Nepal and is called Lokta I recieved this bowl free of charge in exchange for this review. All opinions are my own. 

The seller adds:

HAND HAMMERED TRADITIONAL BOWL is made in a traditional way at a Nepalese singing bowl house; this beautiful piece of art is crafted with pure metals, featuring an great design and an amazing gold color; along with its harmonic, long-lasting ambient sound, this singing bowl will soon be your favorite item for relaxation, meditation, yoga training and chakras healing
  • COMPETE SET includes one Nepalese four and half inch high-quality Hand Hammered singing bowl made of seven different metals including copper, iron, tin, lead, zinc, silver, and gold using the genuine Tibetan techniques; a real silk cushion, a wooden leather mallet, a real silk drawstring protective bag, and a handmade gift box made of Lokta paper
  • OVERALL WELLNESS is achieved by the tranquility of a singing bowl during yoga courses or in the privacy at home; the high resonance of this traditional Tibetan singing bowl balances your chakras, relaxes your body, and relieves stress; ideal for yoga training, Vipassana, Sahasrara, and Prayer for Peace of Mind; its pure sonic waves & healing properties promote relief from stress disorder, pain, and
  • depression while proven to be beneficial for people suffering from various types of diseases
  • A UNIQUE PRESENT for a beloved one that is useful and beneficial, arriving in a beautiful gift box, ready to calm, relax, and make he or she feel better and have less stress; the long-lasting sounds evoke a deep state of relaxation, the key to entering into mindfulness meditation; perfect for those who do yoga, meditation, and like healers, teachers, and students; FREE Ebook included
  • 100% MONEY BACK GUARANTEE; YAK THERAPY aims to keep you perfectly happy with our products so offer a money back guarantee; if there are any concerns or questions, please contact us as we will make it right
  • depression while proven to be beneficial for people suffering from various types of diseases
  •   t box, ready to calm, relax, and make he or she feel better and have less stress; the long-lasting sounds evoke a deep state of relaxation, the key to entering into mindfulness meditation; perfect for those who do yoga, meditation, and like healers, teachers, and students; FREE Ebook included.
  • If you would like to hear the singing bowls, please visit my other blog where you will find a video and bowl music as well as more information on singing bowls.
  • I received my singing bowl at a reduced price in exchange for this honest review.
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Atmoz Audio Stereo Headset/Headphone/Earphone/Speaker

Atmoz Audio Stereo Headset/Headphone/Earphone/Speaker Audio Dual Jack Splitter Cable for iPhone or Android Smartphones, 3.5mm TRRS Male to 2x Female (White)

 This is an amazing piece of technology. You and a friend can plug in to listen to music together. In a world such as this, where we are pokemanning alone behind our smartphones, doing more and household chores and errands on our computer, here comes a piece that  can bring us back together two by two!!  

Remember when sharing a tape with the one you loved, taping all the songs that share what you feel about him or her.  How romantic it would be to play those same songs with him or her, while listening to them at the same time from the same player.  What a great way to come together!

Well this is the stereo splitter that can do all of that and more!!


  • SHARE THE JOY: Plugin two headphones to the same phone and enjoy the fun together
    COMPATIBILITY: Compatible with Apple iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch, Android & Windows Smartphones and many more tablet and smartphone devices.
    ELEGANT: Stylish and Elegant. Pairs well with iPhone or any other Smartphone
    TRRS 3.5 mm Jack: TRRS (Tip, Ring, Ring, Sleeve) Notice the 4 rings in the jack unlike the ones with just two or three. Perfect match for Smartphones.

ATMOZ Headphone splitter cable

- Allows Two People to Experience High-Quality Sound Simultaneously
- Universal Compatibility with iPhones, Smartphones, and Gaming Headsets
- Connects to any 3.5mm Audio Output.


- Lightweight Design
- Fits any 3.5mm jack
- White Color

I love this splitter mostly because it can be shared with my sons, bringing us closer, again and again. Second I love it because it IS so many things: a headset, a speaker, a gaming headset for two.

I received my headset splitter for a reduced price in exchange for this honest review.



I bought this first aid kit for the house. It is so complete with everything you could possibly need the event of an accident or disaster. It came in a small light carrying case and consists of 100 pieces:     Abdominal bandage (1pc.)     Extra large adhesive bandage (4 pc.))    Fingertip adhesive bandage (3 pc.))    Standard adhesive bandage (25 pc.))    Sanitary Prep Pads(10 pc.))    Antibacterial ointment (4 pc.))     Antiseptic cleansing wipes (10 pc.))     Butterfly closure strips (6 pc.))    Sterile gauze pads (3 pc.))    Single-use cold compress (1 pc.))    Cotton swabs (10 pc.))
    CPR face mask (1 pc.))     Elastic bandage (1 pc.))     Emergency blanket (1 pc.))    First aid tape (1 pc.))    Glow stick (1 pc.))    Metal tweezers (1 pc.))     Moleskin blister relief pad (1 pc.))     Disposable poncho (1 pc.))    Sterile razor blade (1 pc.))    Safety pin (4 pc.))    Sting relief pads (4 pc.))     Triangular bandage (2 pc.))     Vinyl disposable gloves (1 pc.))
This kit was put together in a FDA facility. This is the most comprehensive first aid kit I have seen withholding being at a hospital!!! I was buying this for my home, camping, etc. I ended up giving it to my son who took it to college. I must say, I feel better that he has it.  It does a long distance mother good to  know at least he has the supplies he needs. Now all I have to do is pray he remains conscious to administer first aid when he needs it. lol  Yes, and I have ordered myself another one for my house....hmmmm or maybe my other son.



Penny Stock Options

Clyde Bank Penny Stock Options by Clyde Bank
                       and Peter Bierma

This is a book for the common citizen, the common man or woman who is looking to understand penny stocks and want to get into those investments. It is written in plain English.  This book is for the newbie as well as those who have been investing for awhile. It can help by giving other tips and insights that may not have been seen before. 

I have been thinking of getting into penny stock options, but I don't know a thing about them, only what I have heard. Reading this book has given me the vocabulary and know how to go about investing in penny stocks. Anyone who wants to invest, should read this book.  A PDF is included with the purchase of this book.  The PDF is your step by step guide to investing in penny stocks. It gives you the jargon and ways of investing with this book to refer to.

I received this book free in exchange for this honest review. 


Sunday, September 4, 2016

Vanity Mirror


 Mirror Mirror On The Wall, this is the best mirror of them all!! I had been looking for a mirror for my makeup vanity and I found handheld, wall hung, little ones, big ones etc. This mirror gets attached to the wall with a strong suction cup. It has a ball joint so it can roll in any direction.  It lights up in a circle around the mirror with 3 AAA Batteries (not included) -10X Magnification LED Lighted Makeup Mirror With Swiveling and a 2 3/4 inch suction        Locking Suction Mount.  -Mounts on any Smooth Surface Such as a Bathroom Sink Mirror, Glass, Counter Top or Smooth Tile Between Grout Lines. This mirror folds and makes it easy to travel .  It is also l ight and durable. This mirror has a shiney steel frame  which matches any decor. I like this mirror for its versatality. You can tilt it in any direction and that it magnifies what I need to see. I am not getting younger, but definitely the 10X Magnification I can quite clearly.  I am glad it is mountable with suction because I don't have to attach screws, nails or make holes in my walls  I would refer any one who is looking for a mirror that this is one of the best I have found.,  I received this mirror at a reduced price in exchange for this honest review.


Picnic Handy Mat


OMG this is going to save so much time and aggravation. Ever go to a picnic spot and can't find a clean table anywhere? If you have a picnic table mat, you will always have a clean picnic table. This mat is 24 x 17 x1/8 inch thick and folds down to 12 x 17. It is made of durable plastic, washable and waterproof. There are two in a package. They are reusable. They are weighted so that they are wind resistant.Very handy to keep in your car and use for picnic, parties, tail gating, beach, anywhere you need a clean surface. I really love these mats It makes me feel much more confident eating off of the mats verses a wooden table that is filled with bacteria. The mat is a lifesaver.
The seller says this new product has:
 PICNIC TABLE MAT - For Travel --  Foldable Sturdy Plastic Mat to cover Dirty Picnic Tables. Easy to Clean.

-  DIRTY PICNIC TABLES ? - Get CLEAN EATING SURFACE -  Quick & Easy. Ideal for a quick bite at highway rest area, park, picnic. This rigid mat will not flap around and knock food around like conventional tablecloth.
-  2 MATS per pack - Each mat is 24"x17", very light (only 14 oz for 2 mats), durable & sturdy plastic sheet 1/8" (4 mm) thick. Opens to 48"x17" or 24"x34".
-  EASY CLEAN, EASY CARE, WATERPROOF - Ketchup, mustard, mayo - no problem. Wipes clean in seconds. No mess, no odors, no stress !
-  COMPACT & CONVENIENT - Mat folds in half to 12"x17" for easy storage.

 NOT suitable -- Not a cutting board, not suitable for hot food.
I have found so many uses for this mat and I have only had it less than a week. It is a nice fold up size to carry with me and then I can lay my planning book on a clean surface without having to clean up what the kids have left AND then have them clean it later  I laid out my dress pattern right away  without having to clean first. I love it.

. I received these mats at a reduced cost in exchange for this honest review.

Friday, September 2, 2016



This press is made by Wamder and is made of stainless steal. Instead of having the sieve part square and a separate square part. This one has a round cylinder sieve that gets placed into the round of the garlic press and is minced when pressing one handle down upon the other as seen above. I found it easier to press the garlic with this type of lever. It is also easier to clean and store without loosing the sieve. I like this garlic press mostly because the garlic comes out smaller and the entire garlic clove is used.

WAMDER says: 
 WAMDER Garlic Press - Making you more convenient and your food is more deliciousGood choice,you worth it!high-quality & chef-approved & safe 
Most peelers are made of cheap material: plastics, zinc alloy, aluminum...  the WAMDER Garlic Press is made of 100% stainless steel. It do not contaminated food.Forget rust, broken pieces, and any other unfortunate side effects of buying  cheap presses made of cheap materials.  The model number is:RT903
The breathtaking stainless steel construction gives a luster unmatched by any cheap garlic presses and displays beautifully out on the counter top when not in use.
Removable - easy to clean
For cleanup, you have one super easy options: run the basket under warm water,then it is very clean.
For delicious food
fresh minced or sliced garlic to all you meals in seconds. Imagine...Once you discover how quickly and easily you could be enjoying the robust flavor of minced garlic in all of your favorite dishes - spaghetti, lasagna, risotto, and so much more!And then you'll be adding to everything.
lifetime guarantee 
WAMDER products are backed by a 100% lifetime guarantee. There is no risk to you. Try it.  If you don't love it, return it for a refund. 

I received this garlic press at a reduced price in exchange for this honest review.


Optimum Nutrition


If you think finding saffron is hard to find, it has been just as hard to find this extract in pill form! This safron comes from the pistols of a certain crocus flower and has been known to flavor and color food. As an extract it has strong appetitie suppression capabilities as well as being anti cancerous, anti-oxident and anti-dression. I heard of this safron from a friend and looked all over and tried several safron products but felt nothing. This is a Premium, 100% Pure Maxium effect. I felt less hungry and my depression symptons lessend!! The pills are virtually tasteless and are made by the highest quality of saffron. I am so grateful that Optimal Nutrition has put saffron in such an easy consumable and easy and relatively inexpensive form. I am a heavy person and live in stressful conditions. I tend to eat my stress away. I also suffer from depression and we all want the oxidents to fight off cancer. This Saffron extract has all three aspects in one pill.  


Pure Premium Saffron Extract Suppress the Appetite resulting in Weight Loss
Pure Saffron Extract from Optimal Nutrition is an effective weight loss supplement due to its appetite suppressing qualities. Optimal Nutrition uses only top quality saffron that has been carefully scrutinized for its purity.

What is Saffron Extract?
Saffron is a spice that is cultivated from the flower of the Crocus sativus also referred to as the saffron crocus. The saffron plant usually bears only four flowers each with three crimson stigmas. The dried stigmas are most commonly used in many different cuisines as a spice and for color. It is known as one of the world's most expensive spices by weight. Not only has Saffron recently been found to aid in weight loss, it also has had a long medicinal history for its healing qualities. Research studies have suggested it may be an anti-carcinogenic, antioxidant, and anti-depressant.
 I receiived this saffron extract at a reduced price in exchange for this honest review.


Thursday, September 1, 2016

Urban Future Casual Shirt


This shirt is a made of a fine grade of cotton which is very soft and comfortable. It can be worn to school, work, casual outings. I find it to be very well sewn with back up stitching and white buttons. Although I ordered XL, the size was on the small size, more like an American small. But that's okay because I have two son's and the other will get this very wonderful shirt. The shirt comes in many different colors and styles.

The seller says:

Urban Future Men's Stylish Workwear Short Sleeve Generic Faux Denim Shirts(SC005)Quality process 
High Grade Cotton Fabric,Soft Feeling,Anti-pilling,Shrink-proof,Wrinkle Resistant
and Non Ironing,Breathable and Moisture Absorption Perspiration

Classic design 
Button Down Turn-down Collar,Button closure,Short Sleeve for Summer,Casual Dress Slim Fit

Fabric performance 
Selection of high quality fabrics, comfortable and Fine workmanship,Production process strictly.
each piece of product after testing confirms to the standard before sale

Washing tips 
1. Normal temperature washing
2. Separate washing, avoid stained
3. Do not twist dry, do not drip dry, avoid deformation
4. Hang to dry, not exposure

Pay attention to our Size Chart: 

I received this shirt at a greatly reduced price in exchange for this honest, unbias review.


Rant's Motion Sensor Lead Light

Solar Powered Motion Sensor Light
12LEDsWall Light for Yard and Walkways

I needed a light to brighten up my deck and walk way because I kept tripping over things that were left. I tried upright sensor lights which seemed to blind me rather than help me see. When I had the chance to try this Solar Powered Motion Sensor Light 12 LEDs Wall, I crossed my fingers that this light would do the job better than the others.  IT WAS PERFECT!  iT charged during the day by sunlight and came on when I walked by. Iwas no longer blinded as I drove in my drive or walkedt  toward my house because of its downward, light the walk way tilt. Since then I have bought six more  like it to brighten each of the pathways around the house.  I like it because it is functional, slanted down, is a sensor, works on sunlight. 

Rant, the seller says, 
  • Wireless: Just hang it on any surface you need, no tools needed; easy to carry and can be used as flashlight.
    Energy-saving: Recharged by sunlight for overnight lighting, PET / EVA Polycrystalline Solar Panels, making the efficiency up to 17% for over 5 years.
    Integrated designed of PIR motion sensor and light sensor, so it is can be used as security light.
    120 Lumens output is brighter than your imagination. Never complain of the brightness of those old-fashioned motion sensor lights any more!
    Auto on in darkness or at night, and auto off when in daytime or bright area.

 I recieved this light at a reduced price in exchange for this honest review.