Thursday, March 31, 2016


                        by Zohar (Radiance)Halevi

This book is the culmination of  a quarter the author's (Zohar Halevi) life where he researched and studied and put into words a 2000 year old system for personal and economic growth. Halevi tells that this system for personal and economic growth are based on six principles. He has seen the six priniciples in play from Emperor Augustus, King David to Bill Gates. Zohar maintains that following these six principles will allow for more efficient and profitable economic growth in your life.

The majority of the book is dedicated to laying out these six priniciples, defining what they are and how they can be applied to find that path toward that efficient and profitable growth in your life
The six principles are:
oFocused Human Power: an exercise for constructing focused power
o Wisdom and Acquiring Expertise
o Development in Conditions of Success
oInner peace and effiency of Routine
o Planning for Glory and then the application of the
o Six Principles in Economics

The seller says: What are the six divine principles of success? This book reveals for the first time a sacred and over 2000-year-old system for personal and economic growth, based on six principles from the divine tree of life. It shows that these six principles are common to the endeavors of empire builders such as Bill Gates, the Roman founder Emperor Augustus, and the biblical King David. As such, they are a unique formula to great financial success.
The contents of this book have been tried and tested with great success by a variety of groups prior to publishing. Businessmen and senior officials of more than four groups which have implemented these principles mention the following benefits:
• Allows you to better read both client and company interests.
• The six principles together will help you create a bigger sum than its parts, allowing a more efficient and profitable economic performance with moderate growth.
• Provides tools to improve relationships and increase business partnerships.
• Improves performance and reduces the working day. And as we know - time is money.
• Improves the quality and delivery speed of products and services.
• Maintains business and personal development success, as well as relevance in changing market conditions, and the lead in various sectors.
• Enhances constructive pleasure and builds positive energy.
• Brings you a few steps closer to the "American dream."
“I have been surprised and delighted by the ability of this book to enrich my life.”
Keren Peled
Zohar (Radiance) Halevi is qualified in a multitude of disciplines: lawyer, computer programmer, expert in investigating, expert in the art of persuasion, mediator, personal and business coach and more.
This book is a product of the author’s life work over twenty-three years, to identify and analyze the sacred formula of universal human success. He skillfully integrates different sources of wisdom into a new, flowing and exciting perspective, as an inspirational masterpiece aimed at unifying personal development and economic growth. 
Managers and businessman must have this book

In really enjoyed reading this book. What caught my eye was the reference to the book, Secrets.  I accidentally ran into The Secret
when I was substitute teaching and it was on the teacher's desk. I watched the dvd on my lunch hour and it set my thinking to "hmmmm?" I bought the book and read it from cover to cover about believing in the power that everyone has as long as you wrap yourself and keep up and turn to positive energy and believe that all good things will come to you.  I do agree that this helps, but I always felt something was still missing. Then, I would blame that somewhat negative thought for keeping the wonderful positive things to come to me--self doubt.

This book, I do feel, fills in those questions of  but how? There must be more to how this works!  Now that I got the main scope of this book, I am going back to re-read it and carefully apply the six principles to me and my life combined with the lessons of The Secret.  There is nothing to lose and everything to gain!

Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Successful Teaching in the Differentiated Classroom

       by Carolyn Coil
This is a great book on Differentiated Teaching.  It not only defines what "differentiated" means, but it gives a picture of what that classroom looks like, the kind of activities that go on there, and the ways lessons are implemented.

Coil defines a differentiated curriculum is one "that moves away from the 'one size fits all' encourages students to become more responsible for their own learning, to recognize and use their own strengths, thereby helping them to become lifelong learners."  The climate of a differentiated classroom is positive, encouraging and urges students to learn as much as they can.

Coil says and defines that differentiation is based on:

Differentiation Philosophy takes in different:

o  ways to take in take in, work with and learn information
o  amounts of time to finish work
o  allows differences due to culture
o  different levels of thinking, readiness, ability
o  different ways to assess learning

Coil goes on to define and give examples of the DIFFERENT ways to vary the aspects of teaching so as to reach all children. Her definition is stated: "Basically, differentiated instruction allows for each student to learn at the depth, complexity that is most beneficial to him or her. 
The rest of the book goes on to show how this can be done and includes Chapters on: 
Flexible grouping
Curriculum Compacting
Independent and Individual Work
Learning Profiles and Preferences for Activities and Product Differentiation
Formats for Writing Differentiation
Differentiated Assessment
Other Strategies:  technology, Mentors, Mini Classes, Literature      Circles and "Questivities"
Special Groups and Students: Gifted/Talented, Students with Disabilities, DSL students
Steps to Successful Schoolwide and Districtwide Differentiation

I like and enjoyed reading this book on differentiation. Like the book I previously blogged about, Design: Differentiated  Instruction, CAP Activities, by Dr. Carrie Simpson, it focuses on the student as an individual and implementing ways to address each individual students' learning. Unlike that book, that let students choose learning activities from the four categories of creativity, analytical and practical, this book takes a look at differentiating learning activities and outcomes by the student choice categories of "Visual, Verbal, Kinesthetic, Technological" and it also gives strategies for different forms of group learning as whole groups which break down into differentiated groups with activities suited for the level of the students in those groups.

Which book's methods do I prefer? I will not say here without a second reading of each book, but I can say, I have a combination of strategies from both books swimming around in my head. In a way, I like the choices of the students, I will choose those parts that I am comfortable teaching so long as they address all and each unique students' learning.

The book also include links to digital downloads and is also available with a cd which includes the same information.

I received this book at a low cost in exchange for this honest review.


Monday, March 28, 2016

COFFEE A Coffee Lovers Book


This book is simply wonderful!!  From A to Z, it covers everything about coffee!

The book starts with history, how coffee came to be, its spread throughout the world, the different kinds, explanation of coffee words, such as roast, strong etc. tastes of coffee, grinding, storing, caffeine, instant coffee, decaffinated coffee, brewing methods, expresso and expresso machines, water and coffee, milk frothing, serving coffee, accessories, coffee and alcohol, Latte Art, Coffee Reading, Coffee Luwak, coffees of the world and much much more!

It contains pictures, vocabulary, how to cup/cupping a cup of coffee, how to roast it correctly, what waters to use and more.  I loved my first reading of this book and I am going to leave it on  my coffee table for further reading by me and others!!  I feel coffee smart now! What a great topic to break the ice with a new friend.

The seller says:In a quiet, unnoticeable revolution, multitudes of coffee shops have opened in recent years around the world. The popular instant and drip coffees have been replaced by espresso, macchiato and cappuccino – as good as those served in the best coffee shops in Italy. The expansion of a flourishing coffee market was followed by the development of espresso machines, moka pot, French press and other newfangled equipment.This rapid development created a gap between those who wanted to learn and understand the coffee world and the availability of reading material. The aim of this book is to fill that gap.

I hope you’ll enjoy reading this guide and that it will improve your coffee enjoyment.
To all coffee lovers everywhere, cheers! 

I received this book at a reduced cost in exchange for this honest review.


Design of Differentiated Learning

                 BY   DR. CARRIE SIMPSON
This may be the book that revolutionizes that way teachers teach!


Since the revelation of about nine modalities by Howard Gardner, many teachers embraced the idea, but found it quite complicated and even more perplexed over how to carry out this big order with a class load of 35 to 70 or more students. I was a science teacher at an elementary school teacher when I was excitedly lit with Gardner's idea of Teaching to the modalities  I returned to school, tried this and tried that, but found that seeing every student in a relatively small elementary school of 430 students, grades K through 6.  I used it with students that were struggling. I found it impossible to implement Gardners theory completely and had many colleagues with 35+ students were struggling as well.  Gardner's focus on modalities is still very useful, but the CAP Design of Differentiated Instruction may make teachers' lives and their teaching more effective.

Basically CAP stands for "Creativity,  Analytical and Practical". Students are given activities that help them learn a concept by processing the information with the above three categories. The teacher does not assess and place the students in these groups, the students are allowed to pick which they want to do to learn the concepts (the facts, content, vocabulary)the process (how students interact while learning the material, Creatively, Analytically or Practically) and the product (whatever they produce to demonstrate understanding of new information). The teacher provides the activities from which the students choose.

Students who choose to use their Creativity, might choose to create a skit, a storyboard, paint a picture, write a poem that demonstrates that the understand the concept. Students that are more Analytical, may choose, write out steps, categorize, list, outline, show similarities and differences and many more. Students that tend to the Practical, might choose activities that generate sentences or examples, state defining characteristics, talk about and generate sentences that demonstrate understanding, etc. (Troubleshooting the process is also included, eg. when students tend to always
group with friends.)

The author includes many examples of subjects and how the teacher designed activities for each of the CAP categories. Also included are templates for planning CAP activites, Student Self Assessment, and Teacher Assessment or Self Reflection of the lesson and its effectiveness.

The CAP design of differentiated instruction was developed by Robert Sternberg whose research shows that three thinker sets exist and has since have been supported by continued research, that the modes neurologically have been shown to enhance retention in learners.  Dr. Carol Dweck has built on this research to demonstrate that we can "educate ourselves into elevated intelligence and train ourselves into new realms of talent."  As teachers it is our duty to impart this kind of learning in our students that "we can learn ourselves to be smarter". This may also encourage our students into life long learning.

I am very excited about trying out these methods in my classroom, and sharing them with my colleagues, principal, superintendent and Board of Education.
I received this book published by Pieces of Learning at a reduced cost in exchange for this honest and unbias review.


Sunday, March 27, 2016

Tantino Cats Eye Sunglasses


Do you long for the 50's? Do you long for poodle skirts, bouncey hairdos, leather jackets and pomedors?  Well Tantino Retro Cats Eye Sunglsses can take you there!  I got this wonderful pair of glasses designed by Tantino and sold by In Touch With Style on Amazon

The seller says:

These elegant vintage inspired women's cat eye sunglasses that feature high pointed corners are an absolute hit every season. A classic version of 50s-inspired cat eye sunglasses. Made with an acetate based frame, metal hinges and polycarbonate UV protected lenses.
    plastic frame
    gradient lens
    Lens width: 57 mm
    Lens height: 46 mm
    Bridge: 17 mm
    Arm: 135 mm

    Vintage Inspired Cat Eye Frame Design
    Extremely Stunning And Stands Out Fashionably
    Lightweight For Superior Comfort
    100% Protection Against Harmful UVA/UVB Rays
    Black Frame With Black Gradient Lenses   


I love these glasses! They take me back to a really fun time.  I get so many compliments and inqueries as to where I got them and most are surprised it was not at a vintage store!!
I received these glasses at a reduced price in exchange for this honest review.

Friday, March 25, 2016

Sequined Earrings

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ME! Wearing my Spunky Soul Earrings

These earrings are amazing. They are so simple but colorful. They are for a pierced ear. The hoops of the earring are made of sequins with wire inbetween.  They are so comfortable and I have gotten so very many compliments.

Seller says:

Product Description ★ LIGHT WEIGHT MULTI-COLORED SEQUIN WITH GOLD ACCENTS BOHO EARRINGS: Hoop measures 1.5" long and 1.25" wide with plastic earring back, each earring weighs 3.75 grams★ DARE TO BE YOU! A special message symbolizing every woman and her unique journey. Complicated, challenging and beautiful. Beautiful to wear and wonderful to give!
★ INCLUDES PURPLE DRAWSTRING NET GIFT BAG and meaningful message card: "Dare to be...Brave Strong Beautiful You!" Making it gift-ready straight from Amazon's warehouse.
★ SAFE TO WEAR: Lead & Nickel Free in compliance with all U.S., State requirements & the CPSIA


I received these earrings at a reduced price in exchange for this honest review.

Tuesday, March 22, 2016


I Design Sunglasses Screw Free Aviator Women 1017

I am so thrilled to be reviewing these sunglasses. These are some of the most unique, classy sunglasses I have ever worn.  They are made of metal, are screwless and durable.  They come in several colors, black, burgundy, red, and grey. The lens are nylon and resist scratching. The lens are also 100% UV protection and come in a shade of grey.  The sunglasses come in a box and includes a cleaning cloth, sunglass bag and guarantee.

The seller adds: 


  • • 100% UV PROTECTION GRADIENT LENSES: the TR90 gradient nylon lenses ensure 100% of UV protection against UVA, UVB, UVC rays and block harmful blue light up to 400nm when providing superb optical clarity. Non-polarized. • Lens width: 62 mm • Lens height: 52 mm • Bridge: 11 mm • Arm: 138 mm

    • COOL SCREW-FREE DESIGN: no more loosened screws, special non-screw frame design will lead you to the edge of fashion industry, make you look great and feel great. Ideal for outdoor activities such as golf, hiking, camping, outdoor party and more. If you like ray ban and oakley aviator or rayban wayfarer sunglasses, you will also enjoy these cool sunglasses.

    • SUPER COMFORTABLE & LIGHT WEIGHT: synthetic rubber earpieces and nose-pads will give you the ultimate comfort experience. Whole sunglasses weight only 1 oz, equal around to 5 credit cards. No more heavy burden for your nose.

    • EXTRA FLEXIBILITY WITH STRENGTH: the frame is highly flexible, shatterproof, adjustable and with extra strength, made from 310 stainless steel. Easily adjustable to fit your face and nose perfectly.
    • WHAT IS IN THE BOX: i-Design Screw Free Sunglasses x 1, Sunglasses Box x 1, Sunglasses Bag x 1, Cleaning Cloth x 1 • 100% MONEY BACK GUARANTEE • For whatever reason, you don't absolutely love your i-Design Sunglasses, just return it, we will refund every penny with 100% money back guarantee or sent replacement at your option.
    Product Description:

  • • 100% UV Protection with Superb Clarity Nylon Lenses
    Gradient TR90 Nylon Lenses with 100% UV protection against UVA/UVB/UVC rays, block harmful blue light up to 400nm when providing superb optical clarity.

    Cool Screw Free Fashion Design
    No more loosened screws, special non-screw frame design lead you to the edge of fashion industry.

  • • Ultimate Comfort with Super Light Weight
    No more heavy burden for your nose, the whole sunglasses weight only 1 oz (equal around to 5 credit cards). Synthetic rubber earpieces and nose-pads will bring you the ultimate comfort experience.

    Extra Flexibility with Strength
    Frame is highly flexible shatterproof and adjustable with extra strength, made from 310 stainless steel. Easily adjustable to fit your face and nose perfectly.

    100% Satisfaction Guaranteed
    For whatever reason, you don't absolutely love your i-Design Sunglasses, just return it, we will refund every penny with 100% MONEY BACK GUARANTEE or sent replacement at your option.
    • Frame: 310 Stainless Steel
    • Lenses: Gradient TR90 Nylon
    • 100% UV Protection 400nm
    • No-Polarized

    • Lens width: 62 mm
    • Lens height: 52 mm
    • Bridge: 11 mm
    • Arm: 138 mm
    • Sunglasses Weight: 1 oz / 0.07lb / 30g

    What Is In The Package:
    • i-Design Screw Free Sunglasses x 1
    • Sunglasses Box x 1
    • Sunglasses Bag x 1
    • Sunglasses Cleaning Cloth x 1

    Product Dimensions: 6.9 x 2.6 x 2.4 inches
    Product Weight: 1.1 ounces
    Shipping Weight: 6.4 ounces
  • I really like wearing these sunglasses. They have become my favorites and most complimented glasses. I received these glasses at a reduced cost in exchange for my honest review.

  • #idesign

Thursday, March 17, 2016

Don't Dare Die...Unprepared

Don’t Dare Die Unprepared by Avichai Schmid

“The most important book you will ever own”

It is true. It is the most important book you will ever own or read.  This book is written for everyone who is living and will die or will have friends and relatives who will die someday.  The book is also intended for lawyers.

I don’t like to think about death, mine or others. Somehow I have avoided funerals, even those of my parent. My parents donated their bodies to science at the local medical college, and memorial masses were held in their honor. I was late to my mother’s and I’m not sure if one was held for my dad. I was striking out in my own independence and I think my brothers and sisters were resentful of that in light of the illnesses my parents went through just before death.  On the flip side, when I did go to visit or offer to help out there was a cold chill that I could not explain. Later I was to discover that my brothers and sister had manipulated my mother to leave me nothing in her will, leaving only the phrase “not due to lack of love, but that she is well taken care of” referring to my soon to be ex-husband.  No one knew me well enough to know the difficulties that had surfaced in my marriage. My father was mentally “gone” way before his actual death and did not have a will. Thus, everything was divided up by probate, (each getting $6000, which my brother asked me to give back) and physical items among my brothers and sisters. It was a mess. A PAINFUL MESS, that haunts me to this day though it has been 30 years! It was definitely NOT the way to handle things.  I tell you this not for pity, but to emphasize the importance of this book.  It will guide you to the appropriate, righteous, true and proper ways to handle your preparations so that you are not reaching back from the grave to destroy  the psyche of those you leave behind. Oh how I wish this book had been written thirty years ago.  Afterall, funerals are really for the living, to leave warm memories and sooth the loss of their loved ones.

The book informs you with practical ways to prepare so that when death does happen, you, your family, the family of your friends will be prepared for the event, both mentally, financially and so the things are planned and go smoothly.  To do this the book is divided into three sections:  Theoretical, practical and organizational.

The book includes information  concerning information on organizing your personal matters, personal and financial conduct, types of insurance, wills, inheritance, memorial and funeral options. Topics by chapters include: Memorials/Remembrances, Wills and Inheritance,  Funeral and Burial (Customs for Burial/Moarning, General Conduct, Financial Assets, Types of Accounts, Types of Financial Debts, Insurance and Forms that you may need.
This book will “help you stay in the memory and consciousness  of those dear to you in the most appropriate manner, but also to prepare for all the scenes and scenarios for which you need to prepare before departing this world.
The author offers his personal website as a resource for more information and a place download necessary forms that you might need.
The author is careful to say that this book does not provide legal guidance or suggestions. 
This book is very much needed by society so they are not caught without the necessary things to sooth the hearts of their loved ones and leave other aspects of life in order.
I received this book at a greatly reduced price in exchange for this honest review.

Live free of worry and don’t endanger the future and the well-being of your loved onesA practical guide to plan and organize your Life.
People prepare for every stage of life in the most precise way - from kindergarten until the birth of their children. But for the most critical stage of life, namely the end, we tend not to prepare.
The book explains how to put everything you have in order and how to leave things behind for when the time comes.
>>>The most important book you will ever own
The book touches all life’s aspects and helps organize everything for now and after death, out of concern for the financial future and welfare of those left behind.
With this book you will:
  • Save money, time, unnecessary expense, hassle and grief.
    Organize your personal and financial information.
    Get simple forms to fill out and help you organize your life.

    The book was written for each one of the billions of people living in today's modern world. It is a guide for organizing personal and financial information.
    The book explains the differences between insurance policies, savings plans, pension funds, types of securities, wills and estates, inheritance and their actual meaning.
    The book suggests a diversity of issues for different populations, and clarifies life issues such as funeral, burial, mourning customs and planning options for commemoration and memorial.
    The book is very detailed, laid out by topics and tips and offers answers to almost every present and future problem. It includes approximately 100 simple forms to fill out that will help you organize your life.
    Not everybody needs every detail in the book, but everyone needs emphasis in one direction or another.
    >>>An important gift you should give yourself and to those dear to you
    By properly conducting yourself today, you will ensure your future as well the future of your loved ones; you will save time, unnecessary expense, hassle and grief; and you will attain peace of mind for the rest of your life.

This book will “help you stay in the memory and consciousness  of those dear to you in the most appropriate manner, but also to prepare for all the scenes and scenarios for which you need to prepare before departing this world.
The author offers his personal website as a resource for more information and a place download necessary forms that you might need.
The author is careful to say that this book does not provide legal guidance or suggestions. 
This book is very much needed by society so they are not caught without the necessary things to sooth the hearts of their loved ones and leave other aspects of life in order.
I received this book at a greatly reduced price in exchange for this honest review.

Sunday, March 13, 2016

Knee Pillow

THIS IS A TEMPORARY POST WHILE I AWAIT THE ARRIVAL OF THE #KneePillow to review. When it arrives, I shall post the official review. I do this so as to meet the deadline of my review since I could not reach anyone to extend the deadline.

Art n Fly Gel Pens


I do scrapbooking, I do papercutting and I do cardmaking. I like to add all sorts of enhancements from stickers to ribbon to...well you name it.  When I am done with a project, I like to add finishing touches and for years I wanted to use gel pens to add color and see just  how beautiful my cards could be, how lovely my scrapbooking might be.  Well I ordered this container of gel pens from Art n Fly on Amazon.  I was not disappointed.  The pen are sharp and with soft end.  The colors are bold and last a  long time.  They come in dark colors, light, glitter and metallic. What a great variety!! They say they are perfect for coloring, especially, in those adult coloring books that are so popular lately.

The seller says:A set of 40 gel pens in different styles (glitter, neon, metalic, pastel and classic) and different colors with a fine tip that allows for greater detail perfect for coloring books, sketching, drawing, decorating and more 

I am so very happy to finally have a set of gel pens and to have gel pens of this caliber.  They last long and all my work looks professional. I got my set of gel pens at a reduced cost in exchange for this honest review.


Kitchen Timer

I bought a stove approximately a year ago. It has all the bells and whistles, and I have enjoyed using it daily.  One feature it has is a digital display for setting the heat of the oven, turning on the light and setting a specific time for cooking your food.  I cook alot. No, I mean I COOK ALOT!!  So guess what? Guess what part of  the stove is the first to show wear? THE TIMER!
So I either had to shop for a new stove or a new timer.  Since the timer is built into the counsel and it is costly to have it repaired, I chose to look for another timer for my stove.  I chose the timer discussed below.
It is one of the better timers I have seen. It has a large digital display and a mode setting button that sets hour, minutes with a single touch.  The alarm is loud so you can't miss it!  It has a magnet to help hang it. It also has a hook and a kickstand.

The seller says:
  • Large Digits Display: A quick glimpse of its large bold digits to get the readout, maximum time can up to 99 min, 59s. Perfect for cooking food, homework, gym workout, sports, office and classroom timer activities etc.
    Countdown, Count up and ON/OFF Switch: Can count up and count down, work perfectly as timer or stopwatch, easy to use in various occasions. Energy-saving function by powering off this device.
    Loud Alarm and Memory: Loud and clear but not deafening alarm sound, easily to hear from another room. Can memory the last time setting to get rid of repeated setup troubles.
    Magnetic Back, Kickstand or Hanging Hook Placement: 3 optional placement. Attached to any magnetic surface, stand on any flat platform via concealed kickstand or just put a string through the hook for hanging installation
    Compact Size and Lightweight: 3.15 x 2.95 x 0.79 inch palm size, very compact and lightweight for ease of and storage and portability.
This timer is working out better than the stove attached kitchen timer.  I got my timer at a reduced price in exchange for this honest review of this kitchen timer. You can get one by following the link that follows.....OR you can visit and leave a comment about the timer.  Tell me why you need an Ohuhu Kitchen Timer.  Giveaway ends March 31, 2016.  Winner will be announced on this blog and other social media sites. Please subscribe to the blog and I will notify by email.


8 in One Thermometer


This instrument is the answer to my dreams!  Our house is weird. It is hot on one side and freezing cold on the other side of the house.  There is sometimes a 15 degree difference.  I always knew this, but didn't have the 'facts', the proof.  Now that I have t his Uhuhu Thermometer Combo, I can see that I am so
right. Not only that, I can tell that the humidity is very different as well.
This battery operated thermometer gives more than the temperature  (in fahrenheit and cesius). It reads the humidity, shows the weather outside of the house, date, time, timer and alarm (standard and military). It even has the phases of the moon! It has large digits, but the unit is small and does not take up alot of desktop space.

The seller says:
Compact digital clock thermometer and hygrometer: This powerful 8-in-1 device allows you to quickly view your room's temp, humidity, time, date (including month, day and year), phase of the moon and weather display based on the surrounding indoor temp and humidity

This is the perfect thermometer for me.  I had an older thermometer, but someone, in the house "borrowed" it, and left me without one. But now, I have this unit by Uhuhu, I love it, and, it does so much more than my old standard!

I got this thermometer at a reduced price in exchange for this honest review.



EBOOK:  INTO THE SOUL  by Kinneret Maayan
                 The Mystery of Energy Healing

This book by Kinneret Maayan takes a look at the role of therapy and how it worked, personally, for the author,  and how it can work to healing a person and aid in finding balance and happiness in their life.
I have voluntarily gone to therapy several times in my life, and have found it to be very helpful in sorting out the knots in my life and my mind.  This book gave me further introspect on how to use what I have learned and apply it to keeping balance and happiness.
This book took me back to sessions and I found myself proclaiming, "oh I see what was going on there!"  I didn't really need to know what the therapy did for me, it worked anyway, but this book gave me insights into how I can now look back on those revelations, apply them, and return to equilibrium that I found while in therapy.  It reminded me that happiness is a choice and is achieveable.  I shall read and re-read this book throughout my life to remind me of the heights of happiness that I can reach, and thus return to the youthful energy that psychological entanglements tend to steal from my life: It returns me to the energy of the soul, of life.

The seller says:
Into the Soul – the Mystery of Energy Healing by Kinneret Maayan is about a journey into the inner recesses of the soul; it dives into the depths and soars to the peaks of therapy, providing readers with insight, understanding and a way to experience balance and happiness. It offers a perspective of the twists and turns of life that can unravel burdensome tangles in order experience happiness and mental health.
The book is made up of two main parts. The author, Kinneret Maayan, talks about her ascent through the principles of spiritual therapy, her life, childhood and adulthood; and a section which deals with patients who came to her to understand their difficulties and learn ways of coping with them and solving their problems.

I recommend this book for anyone who is struggling to find balance and happiness in their life, has tried therapy, or who is resisting to use therapy as part of their journey to finding equilibrium and happiness in their life.

I received this ebook at a reduced cost in exchange for this unbias, honest review.


Saturday, March 12, 2016

Colored Pencils

As this review is due 3/13/2016 I am placing this review in suspension as I have not received a reply from the seller as far as their Amazon Code did not work. As soon as I receive a working code, I will remove this post and replace it with a review of product. I have done so as to maintain my excellent standing in completing my reviews.
A. Pitts



I got this bracelet just because when I saw it, I  needed to see it and thought it might look great on the cuff of my arm. I was not disappointed.  I chose the gold plated, though they did also come in
rose gold and white gold.

It's beauty is in its simplicity. It is a gold wire bracelet with the letter "T" on each end.  It is very well made and looks so classy when on your arm  You will find youself wearing it all the time. It is great for dressy as well as casual occasions.

The seller, Rongfa, says: 
  • T Bangle Bracelet Cuff
    Stainless Steel
    7 Inches
    Gold plated /Rose gold plated/white gold plated
This is a beautiful bracelet and Rongfa makes other pieces as well. I think I want to add more bracelets to this one. 
I received my bracelet at a greatly reduced price in exchange for this honest review.

Friday, March 11, 2016

Wax Warmer

River Run's Beautiful Candle Warmer
      Lovely Container, Ambiance Producing Aromas

This is one of the most beautiful candlewarmers I have ever seen and used. It comes with a ring of wax to use in the warmer. I got Spicey Apple and it smells like Apple and Cinnamon. It is so easy to use, and so beautiful even when you are not using it. You simply plug it in and let it warm the wax. It fills the house faster than other infusers or air fresheners. There is a fan inside the wax warmer and it is super quiet. You keep a safe eye when the melted wax is down and get a new ring. The warmers come in several different beautiful styles. And the rings, come in many flavors of aroma! I have never had such an effective and easy air freshener. You can really create ambiance with this wax warmer.
I am in love with this warmer. My friends are jealous of the fragrance in my house!! I am thinking, presents of these warmers for all my family next holiday season.
I received my wax warmer at a reduced price in exchange for this honest review.

The seller says: These two products include:
-Candle Warmers Candle Aire Fan Fragrance Warmer
Reactive glaze ceramics: Beautiful reacitve glazes with holes to allow fragrance to escape.
Candle Aire® Tin makes changing fragrances quick, clean, and simple.
Whisper quiet fan circulates a fragrant breeze that quickly fills your home.
Flickering light bulb creates the ambiance of a lit candle.
Warming plate melts wax which holds more fragrance and lasts longer compared to scented gels and sprays.

-4 Oz. Candle Aire Tin
For use with Candle Warmers Etc. Candle Aire® Fan Fragrance Warmers.
Each tin uses the best waxes, dyes, and fragrances that ensure Candle Warmers Etc. the highest quality available.
Each tin fills an entire room with wonderfully clean fragrances

Garnier Olia


As part of Crowdtap's Mission to try  Garnier's Olia Hair Color with oil, I participated by using Garnier's Light Golden Blonde instead of my Garnier Fructus Light Golden Blonde. 

The new formula is wonderful.  It is easy to mix, smells wonderful and goes on without the usual dripping. It feels creamy as you spread it through your hair. It takes the same amount of time as usual, but the results are phenomonal!  My hair came out the perfect color of Light Golden Blonde AND very shiney!!! and soft, and lovely. It really has given me a boost in enthusiasm. I feel confident and my hair looks great

It's funny how having your hair done and looking great gets one to think about other things, like getting my body and wardrobe in shape. So I decided to work out on my pedaler machine, drink more water and, of course, keep dying my hair with Garnier Olia, then both hair and body will be ready to go.  The beautiful hair made me feel like spring and I started planning what spring outfit I would rock for the spring events and holidays!  It's like when you start Spring cleaning and you wash one wall and it gets you going to get the rest of the walls done, then curtains, carpets, etc. It goes on until all is looking great.

Go get Garnier's Olia and see what it can do for you!

Friday, March 4, 2016

Patriotic Sunglasses

Wear Me Pro Patriotic Sunglasses by Wayfarer

I'm the kind of person that likes to celebrate the all the different holidays, card company holidays included. I think it is the teacher in me. I teach the younger kids and when its a holiday I wear a scarf or vest that represents that. I will wear a scarf, vest or pin the represents something we are studying.

When I saw these, I just had to have them. They did not disappoint. They have stars on one stem, stripes on the other and stars and strips across the glasses. The lens is reflective and are sunglasses.
They are light, but made to be durable.

The seller says: are sporty and comfortable and support an active lifestyle. They are designed with you in mind and provide that perfectly casual look while working out and running about. Attention to detail, intricate design, and supreme quality are built into each pair, all at a price that's as attractive as the glasses themselves. These modern, lightweight USA Print Wayfarer style sunglasses are not only fashionable but offer supreme comfort.Specification:

I really love these glasses and will probably wear them on non-patriotic holidays. They are just so very good at blocking out UV rays and keeping glare and eye strain to a minimum.
I received these glasses at a reduced cost in exchange for my unbias and honest review.