Monday, August 15, 2016


So Realistic, People Won't Believe
 they are Fake  JELLYFISH FOR YOUR

If ever you have been to an public aquarium, I am sure you have stopped to gaze at the gracefulness of the jellyfish of many colors! The ones above....which are real and which are synthetic? Come on, answer before  you go on.....trick question, the above are both synthetic!  They are made to be places in your aquarium, in the flow from the aireator so it can open up and flow with the current.  That is the way they will look real in your tank.   I think they are just adoreable and so realistic, I could watch them for hours.

The seller says:

Product Description Material:Silicone and fluorescent powder

Color will send only 1 in random:
Blue, Yellow, Pink, Green, Orange, Purple
S Size: 18*5 cm

Package Weight:
105g (Approx)


  • Ideal decoration for the fish tank or aquarium

    Incredibly detailed imitation floating jellyfish

    Moves by water current in tank

    For both fresh and salt water

    Attaches by thin invisible line and suction cup, can be controlled the random position


Glowing effect:
(the glowing effect is the fluorescence effect:
When the object obsorbed the energe like ultraviolet,Solar short wave,
it will slightly emit the light for a while in darkness )

I love my jellyfish. It is probably the safetest way to have one! I got my jellyfish at a reduced price in exchange for this honest review.

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