Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Glass Hearts


 As soon as I saw these I fell in love with the clear glass hearts. Clear alone they are magnificent and very well done.  They shine and often give off an irridescent glow.  They came six in a box, all carefully wrapped in their own bubble wrap pouch and separated by cardboard dividers. All this is in a relatively strong box. Included is a jewelry cloth for polishing the hearts to a high shine. Here are the heart baubles I created:

 This glass heart I filled with glitter flakes that I found at a hobby store.  I simply filled the heart, shook it up so it was light and fluffy and evening distributed.

 Above is a glass heart filled with a string of LED lights that plug into a computer or into a regular outlet. It is one of my favorites because as you back away, the wires cannot be seen, just the heart glowing!

Above is a glass heart filled with all colors of tissue paper. I simply chose colors of the pink area and stuffed them into the heart, carefully, with a long stick or pencil.  Then I carefully slide the charms in, one at a time, moving them to the space I thought was the most aethetic and where they would be seen.

 The above one is a little bit tricky.  Ifilled the heart with glitter and sequins and added water. I shook it until it was to my liking.  Then I filled the heart with water. I plugged the water with a cork, gluing it in the hole in the top. Then I carefully put on the hanger, pressing the prongs into the dried cork. Everytime you shake it, sends a flurry of sequins and glitter swirling around.

 The lace heart, above, was made by filling the heart with strips of ribbon that I had on hand. I had gold lace that curled on the ends and I put that in as well.  I then surrounded the heart with lace that has purple ribbon woven into it. I added two silk tea roses at the top to give it a valentine or sort of shabby chic tone.

I left my last heart plain as I plan to add it to the bottom of my chandelier!

If you would like a box of these glass hearts, they are sold on Amazon by Tan's Jewelry and the link is below.  I recieved my hearts at a greatly discounted price in return for this honest review.


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