Wednesday, August 24, 2016



       PROGRAM YOUR VOICE TO SAY "hello, welcome to my home! or even "GO AWAY!

 I moved into a house that didn't have a doorbell. People told me not to worry, they would put one in for me. Two years have gone by and all those promises are still outstanding! I am not an electrician and like many women, their spouses are ambitious while buying hardware, but when it comes to installing, its the women who figure it out, or get someone who knows to do it. Well neither of that happened AND does not have to happen. I found Papayay Waterproof Wireless Doorbell. I have two choices for installing 1) use the two sided 3m tape, put the push botton on the tape in the spot outside of the house so people can announce their coming. Or, you can use the screws and support brackets that are included for you to mount the doorbell button. The other part, the receiver is the larger round box. You just plug that in an outlet within range of the transmitter (doorbell button). No wiring, no fuzzing over what goes where. Besides being easy to mount, you can program this doorbell to play different sounds like, doofbell, birds, clocks, engines, your own voice can be recorded or a song. When a visitor pushes the button, whatever they push wiill delight them and alert you that someone is at the door. Hard of hearing?? You can also adjust the volume. I ABSOLUTELY LOVE THIS DOORBELL!!! i GOT this doorbell at a reduced price in exchange for this honest review.



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