Sunday, September 4, 2016

Picnic Handy Mat


OMG this is going to save so much time and aggravation. Ever go to a picnic spot and can't find a clean table anywhere? If you have a picnic table mat, you will always have a clean picnic table. This mat is 24 x 17 x1/8 inch thick and folds down to 12 x 17. It is made of durable plastic, washable and waterproof. There are two in a package. They are reusable. They are weighted so that they are wind resistant.Very handy to keep in your car and use for picnic, parties, tail gating, beach, anywhere you need a clean surface. I really love these mats It makes me feel much more confident eating off of the mats verses a wooden table that is filled with bacteria. The mat is a lifesaver.
The seller says this new product has:
 PICNIC TABLE MAT - For Travel --  Foldable Sturdy Plastic Mat to cover Dirty Picnic Tables. Easy to Clean.

-  DIRTY PICNIC TABLES ? - Get CLEAN EATING SURFACE -  Quick & Easy. Ideal for a quick bite at highway rest area, park, picnic. This rigid mat will not flap around and knock food around like conventional tablecloth.
-  2 MATS per pack - Each mat is 24"x17", very light (only 14 oz for 2 mats), durable & sturdy plastic sheet 1/8" (4 mm) thick. Opens to 48"x17" or 24"x34".
-  EASY CLEAN, EASY CARE, WATERPROOF - Ketchup, mustard, mayo - no problem. Wipes clean in seconds. No mess, no odors, no stress !
-  COMPACT & CONVENIENT - Mat folds in half to 12"x17" for easy storage.

 NOT suitable -- Not a cutting board, not suitable for hot food.
I have found so many uses for this mat and I have only had it less than a week. It is a nice fold up size to carry with me and then I can lay my planning book on a clean surface without having to clean up what the kids have left AND then have them clean it later  I laid out my dress pattern right away  without having to clean first. I love it.

. I received these mats at a reduced cost in exchange for this honest review.

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