Thursday, September 1, 2016

Rant's Motion Sensor Lead Light

Solar Powered Motion Sensor Light
12LEDsWall Light for Yard and Walkways

I needed a light to brighten up my deck and walk way because I kept tripping over things that were left. I tried upright sensor lights which seemed to blind me rather than help me see. When I had the chance to try this Solar Powered Motion Sensor Light 12 LEDs Wall, I crossed my fingers that this light would do the job better than the others.  IT WAS PERFECT!  iT charged during the day by sunlight and came on when I walked by. Iwas no longer blinded as I drove in my drive or walkedt  toward my house because of its downward, light the walk way tilt. Since then I have bought six more  like it to brighten each of the pathways around the house.  I like it because it is functional, slanted down, is a sensor, works on sunlight. 

Rant, the seller says, 
  • Wireless: Just hang it on any surface you need, no tools needed; easy to carry and can be used as flashlight.
    Energy-saving: Recharged by sunlight for overnight lighting, PET / EVA Polycrystalline Solar Panels, making the efficiency up to 17% for over 5 years.
    Integrated designed of PIR motion sensor and light sensor, so it is can be used as security light.
    120 Lumens output is brighter than your imagination. Never complain of the brightness of those old-fashioned motion sensor lights any more!
    Auto on in darkness or at night, and auto off when in daytime or bright area.

 I recieved this light at a reduced price in exchange for this honest review.

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