Thursday, July 21, 2016


     by Odelia Alexandrovitch
We all hope to be our best, doing what we do besr while still maintaining who we are. But in the hustle, bustle, busyness, we loose one or the other. We loose our best to getting it done. We loose ourselves in the rush, the job, the questions, is this really expressing who I am? 
Perhaps we all need a little bit of help, a guide who will sit and listen. Odelia Alexandrovitch, author of her book, To BE ME, At My Best, offers to be our guide and assist us in finding ourselves, finding what we like to ask about the process of being ourselves and being our best and being happy.

The author and seller say

Practical guide to finding your personal calling

Happiness lies in self-realization. When we live our personal palling, or stride towards its fulfillment, life is meaningful and satisfying. We engage in activities that fit our personality, surround ourselves with people who are right for us and work in a job that fits our skills. When we live our personal palling, we are at our best, and we are happy. But what is our personal calling?
To be Me at my Best presents a fun and easy method to finding your personal calling, developed by the author in years of experience as a personal trainer and lecturer, as well as groups and workshops facilitator. Step by step, from one milestone to the next, the guide will navigate you easily and successfully toward your personal calling and enable you to be at your best.

Find happiness, contentment and satisfaction in life.

The guide helps you answer valuable questions that deserves your attention. Find out what line of work is best for you; what should you study and in what can you Excel; which field will help you make the most money? What type of life partner is best for you? Where should you live and what is the right path for you.

You were born. Find out why.

You deserve to live your life with a smile, a sense of fulfillment, and love. You deserve to invest time and thought in yourself and your life. You deserve to live your personal calling and be the best you can be. Your environment also deserves to enjoy you when you are at your best.

I really enjoyed this book!  I intend to reread it over and over. It has so many good thoughts, ideas and analysis to follow the road to success.

I received this book at a greatly reduced price in exchange for this honest review.


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