Sunday, May 1, 2016

Brush Hair Straightener


Have you ever wondered how an actor or actress can change their hair so drastically from one week to another? I used to just brush it off to their personal hairdresser, BUT how do they do it?
Well nowadays there are all kinds of curlers, straighteners, colors and ways to change hair styles quickly. I want that kind of flexibility.

One of the ways to get some of that flexibility is to have a brush hair straightener like the one sold by House.  This straightener has a power control for different types of hair. It is easy to cleaning with soap and water.

House, the seller, says:
FAST & EFFICIENT - Works to straighten your hair in minutes. Auto keep constant temperature at 365℉ for all types of hair, customized set 410℉ for natural texture hair, 450℉ for thick or wavy hair, effortless and efficient straightening styling. NO HAIR DAMAGE. Reduce frizz & anion hydrating care. With its anti-static technology, it eliminates negative charged particles during styling. EASE OF USE FOR ANYONE: Our Premier design is simple to use for Men and Women. First take time to thoroughly wash and dry hair, ensuring it is free from sweat, oils, and product. Plug brush into appropriate socket, clear from standing or running water. Press power button.,                     ,c

This straightener can brush out waves and curls quickly leaving your hair smooth and shiney!
I got my hair straightener for a reduced price in exchange for this honest review.


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