Monday, May 9, 2016

Career Your Passion

                         BY  Dr. Orenia Yaffe-Yanai

I've often heard, "if you love what you do, you will never work a day in your life."  I believe this to be true. If you love what you are doing, it's not work.

Many young adults as they approach graduation from high school have some kind of inkling of what they would like to do with their life as far as career or what they want to for a living. Some are even steered that way by well meaning parents, guidance counselors, and school tracks.  Many "find their calling" and are happy, living satisfying lives.
What about the others that really have no idea what they want to do, like to do and have or don't have the finances to  pursue the career or path that they desire?  How does one decide what to do with their lives.

Dr. Orenia Yaffe-Yanai, a clinical and occupational psychologist, addresses the issue of career or life choice in her book, Career Your Passion".  She addresses the important connection of ability, talents and passion.  She talks of what resources may be needed to reach those careers.  It is written for people of all ages.
She also addresses "blocks" -- things that block people from making those decisions that meet their passion with their careers.

This book has moved me to re-examine my life, my career and lifetime goals at the age of 56.  I have enjoyed my work, but I also have bouts of depression which circle around my life career.

I received this book at a reduced cost in exchange for this honest review.

The seller says:

If you feel mental blocks, confusion, loss of direction or despair - “Career Your Passion” will serve as your guide, and lay the infrastructure of walking in your road.Did you ever ask yourself:
  • How will I express my skills?
    In which career will I feel enjoyment and fulfillment?
    Where am I stuck?
    How is it that I don’t know what I want?
    And if I do know what I want, how is it that I have no clue of how to fulfill it?
    How will I know to identify what I love?
    What occupation will fill me with energy and enthusiasm?
    How will I know what’s right for me with so many possibilities?

Unexpectedly, career realization and fulfillment processes are not always clear, easy or available to us. Sometimes they require an effort and an immense amount of searching, frustration and pain. These processes obligate dealing with mental blocks, which are like signs directing us to new places and to development of patterns, expertise and new tools within ourselves.
The book of Dr. Orenya Yafa Yanai,“Career Your Passion”, the fruit of her years-long work as a senior clinical and occupational psychologist, has immediately turned into a bestseller with its publishing. The book tells about journeys of people, accompanied by Dr. Yanai in the roads of their careers, echoing the pain of the missing career and the realization that occupation is a fundamental layer in an individual’s identity. The book grants hope that there is a unique fulfillment road to walk in for every individual and creates enlightening connections between the emotional and the practical, between the inner understanding and the ability to get up and do it.
The book, coming from the assumption that a person knows his road just as a river knows its way into the sea, is aiming for fulfillment and designation questions out of investigation of the connection between an individual’s sources and passions to his occupation and his repeating necessity to sharpen the meaning and the road of occupation.
The book also investigates the experience of mental block and its sources, and mostly directing its gaze to the inner forces, to the models of dealing with the difficulty and to the personal abilities allowing for the construction of the road leading to the awaited fulfillment.


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