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 I garden.  I garden on my back deck in containers because I can't walk because my hips need replacing so until that happens, I'm restricted to the deck. I also have limited budget. I was lucky enough to run into Ecogardens Online where they cultivate only heirloom seeds with no GMOs.  It is refreshing. They have a higher standard of seed growing and would like to maintain the pureness of the produce.

I was graced with the opportunity to obtain heirloom seeds for tomatoes, eggplant, corn, celery, peppers, cucumbers, broccoli, and lettuce.
"Ecosystem sees are heirloom seeds are those seeds that are open pollinated and helped to preserve the 110 years of  organic farming tradition."  They DO have a very different taste,in that they retain the original flavors of the produce.

The seller says: Why buy vegetable seed packets that are usually produced in bulk when you can give yourself or anyone else a fresh beautiful kit with real Organic Vegetable seeds. It's a known fact that organic heirloom seeds are being produced in smaller quantities every year. Hybrid seeds are slowly phasing out our vegetable diversity. Our seeds are saved direct from the crops and sold in small quantities.   EcoFarms products are created with two goals in mind--quality & innovation. Gardening is a great activity that bring's families closer together and our kits come presented in a fresh beautiful box to excite people about the activity. Teach your family or friends about growing their own food for themselves and experience some of the best varieties of vegetables ever grown on the planet. We include TEN of the best variety of seeds ever sown. We hand pack each tube with enough organic seeds to create a beautiful home garden. The seeds have a high germination rate because we pack our boxes in small lots and since our heirloom kits rarely sit on the shelves for more than a few weeks-- they are always fresh.

I can't wait to plant these seeds in the container gardens on my deck. Unfortunately, they will have to wait until next year. The kit comes with a planting guide. The plants in California really needed to be started at the end of March!! and we are at the end of  April.  It's okay. At least I will have seeds to plant.  The seeds come in tight fitting seed caps. They are delightfully labeled with painted pictures of the vegetables and arranged in a gift box which has a hole for each seed cylinder.  It explains what heirloom seeds are.

I think this box is so so so cute and would be a great gift for a seasoned gardener or a littled gardener.  I got my heirloon seeds at a greatly reduced price in exchance for this honest review.
Thank you!


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