Friday, July 8, 2016

Earl Grey Tea

Ghograjan Tea: Earl Grey Tea

If you are looking for fantastic tea, try Earl Grey from Ghograjan Tea Estate!  Earl Grey tea comes from a variety of orange called the Bermuden.  Earl Grey has a nice orange like but not, taste. The teas from Ghograjan Estate are superior teas with superior taste that can only come from that area.  If you want a great cup of tea, you must try some of their teas.  They also have chai and several other teas.  This tea is part of Amazon's Farm2cup teas.

The Ghograjan Estates say:
DIRECT SOURCING WITH NO MIDDLEMAN - by shipping direct from the plantation and knocking out the middleman you get this phenomenal blend at an incredible price PURE ASSAM BLACK TEA - from one of the most revered tea plantations in India
100% NATURAL BERGAMOT - Bergamot Oil directly sourced from the South of Italy (none of the fake stuff here!)

I got my Earl Grey at a reduced cost in exchange for this honest review. You can get yours at the link below:


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