Thursday, July 21, 2016

Real Estate

 by  Robert Shemin

When I bought my first house, I just dove in and went around looking at houses and, somehow, determined how much "we" could afford. Kids came, divorce came, the house had to be refinanced and all I remembered was signing here, here, here and here on what seemed like 100 pages. I had no idea.
I WISH THIS BOOK HAD EXISTED WHEN I WAS GOING THROUGH ALL OF THAT. YOU, yes reader, YOU have this book. So, if you are buying one house or plan to buy and flip your way up the financial ladder. Read this book written by someone who knows.  It is good solid advice.

The author of this book says

For novice investors who want to get started with confidence

Teaches the most important keys to real estate success!

Successful Real Estate Investing is written specifically for novice investors who want to get started with confidence. It highlights 75 of the most common mistakes investors make and offers specific, real-life strategies for avoiding them. Each mini-chapter covers one mistake and offers pearls of wisdom based both on Robert Shemin's long experience as an investor and on case studies of investors he has met or assisted along the way. For investors worried about making a particular mistake in any step of the investment process, this is the only real estate guide that offers quick, expert guidance on avoiding everything that could-but won't!-go wrong.

Successful Real Estate Investing covers these mistakes as well as many more:

  • Forgetting to screen all tenants

  • Not taking in adequate cash flow

  • Missing out on special loan programs

  • Not having the proper insurance

  • Holding onto a rehab or rental house that won't sell or rent

  • Thinking short-term when you should be thinking long-term

  • Punishing bad tenants without rewarding good ones

  • Failing to establish minimum requirements for tenants

  • Failing to inspect properties regularly

But Successful Real Estate Investing is more than just a list of troubles to avoid, it also teaches the most important keys to real estate success: keep it simple, believe you can do it (because you can!), inform yourself so you know what you're doing, and stick with it! With common sense and the uncommon guidance you'll find here, there's nothing standing in your way!

I received this book at a reduced price in exchange for my honest review.



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