Saturday, July 9, 2016

Golden Oak Barrels


I have made wine before, beer and root beer I made as well. The wine I put in bottles and used hand press corking machine. The wine came out okay. We learned alot about making wine. We made root beer one summer.  Again, we learned alot. After a few days, the bottles began exploding in the kitchen! I had to call everyone to whom I had given one as a gift to warn them! Talk about embarrassing! 

When I saw this barrel, I just had to have it.  It is beautifully done in oak. You can see the shine of the oak and the black steel strapping around the barrel The barrel has a working bung and spiget.  I love the smell of oak and this barrel freely fill the air, and the touch is smooth.  On the bottom is a wood burn stamped logo of "Golden Oak Barrels"  The barrels come in 2L and 1L barrels.

The seller, says: 

100% SATISFACTION GUARANTEE - We have the best personal barrels on the market because we build use new oak wood that last ages and we make durable stands, spigots and bungs to match. NO LEAKS GUARANTEE Our barrels have an air tight seal (try blowing into it when you get one) and they will still be air tight after the initial soaking and curing stages, if not send us a message and we will replace it.
THE VERY BEST QUALITY AVAILABLE - We have the best barrels on the market which are built with new oak wood that last ages as well as durable stands, spigots and bungs to match.
CHARRED TO PERFECTION - Our barrels are made by 4TH GENERATION COOPERS (barrel maker) and just like any oak barrel, the inside is charred and ours are charred to perfection which gives the contents that clean natural-oak flavor we all love.

I love this oak barrel. I love the smell. I love that I will have another chance to cure my wine, hoping that it will come out much better than before. In the meantime, I am going to really enjoy seeing this lovely barrel on my shelf near my miniature ship, ship wheel, kinda of my pirates den, lol

I got this oak barrel at a reduced price in exchange for my honest review.


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