Monday, June 27, 2016


BIKE LOCK sold by Saintone

My son is going off to the University of California Berkeley.  After looking at the campus, it dawned on me how he was going to need a bike.  Nothing fancy, but one that would get him from one class to the other and to the dorm.  Then I realized no matter what kind of bike it is, he was going to need a lock. DO YOU KNOW HOW MANY LOCKS ARE OUT THERE???

I found this one it is a bike lock, attached to a 12 mm cable which is very hard to cut. The lock is a combination lock and can be set to whatever combo you want.  What is more, it has a light so after those late night courses he will be able to see the combination lock! It come with another brace that can be used to attach to the cable and attach to the bike and attach to a secure pole.

I love this lock and cable. It makes me feel very secure that he will have his bike and be able to lock it down wherever he goes.
I got my bike lock and cable at a reduced price in exchange for my honest opinionl  You can get yours by following the link below.


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