Tuesday, June 28, 2016



I am a science teacher and I deal with insects every year showing them to kids with the bravest of faces and talking about their habits like a narrator on NOVA.  Those are the exemplary species that I invite into my room. Truth is, I hate pests. Those that show up without warning. Those that make scritching sounds in the kitchen at night. Those that start in one corner and make their way to the space above my head. Those that have a trail of their family going across my woodwork heading for my sugar bowl. Those that munch my tomato plants and laugh in my ear as their buzz by

Just a couple of nights ago, I had a spider dance up my arm in the dark and proclaimed there is a difference between my hair being fan blown and a spider.  I have a mosquito net above my bed  and still they get to me. 

I got a Genie.  No, not the one from Alladdin, but the kind with a ultrasonic wave that pesters the pests and makes them take a different route, a route away from my house.  It is an inconspicuous mouse-like shape that you plug in. That's it. It takes a little while, 3 or 4 days for the Genie to take affect but it does and HOW!  I have not seen those dark black big creepies anywhere in my house.  There are no more crunched crackers in the kitchen followed by raison shaped poop.  Even the mosquitos are hanging themselves in the netting above my bed.
GET A GENIE!  You won't be sorry.  Say bye bye to bugs!

I got my Genie by rubbing a lamp while on Amazon, getting it free in exchange for my honest review.  You can get yours just by going to Amazon on the link below.


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