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I was pregnant once. Actually I was pregnant twice!  Can it be 27 years ago!!! wow wow wow.  I have two beautiful,now handsome young sons. They are smart,  way smarter than I was at that age. I survived the birth, terrible twos, teenage years and now adulthood. I can tell you that there were no real "helps" out there and each day I swear I should write a book so there is, lol. 

One help I wish there would have been or may have been, but who has the time or energy while pregnant to find a Maternity Belly Band Support. This belt would have saved many a back ache and many times that I felt I was dragging that 9 pounds 13 ounces on the ground! I'd use the elastic from my maternity pants. I was working at the time and wore dresses and panty hose help a little.
I tell you, I would have used a Neo Promedical belly belt.

Why am I reviewing this Maternity Belly Belt if I was pregnant over 27 years ago?  Well lots of things can happen when you are pregnant and one of them is the baby can sit or kick and squish your bladder and with menopause and time can cause you to loose your control over your bladder.  It might start slow, it might come at once. But what I used it for was to hold up my bladder which is giving me those problems. I have been trying many things (like the new invention the presses your walls so you don't leak) along with the Maternity Belly Band.

When I found that the band helped, I also heard that my neighbor is pregnant. So I ordered a second Neo Promedical Belly Band Belt and gave it to her as a gift. She is five months pregnant with twins!!
God bless her and she tried the belt immediately. She has felt so much better with that belt around her belly bump. She had been walking around like she was carrying a roll of laundry under her shirts, dresses. She was supporting the bundle with her own arms, instinctively, carrying to rescue her poor back!  She has told a few of her friends and I ended up making cards with the website on them so they may get one of their own.  You can get yourself one by following the link below:
I shared with them the reason I found the belly band and how I use them now to hold up my tummy  and tummy roll (I'm working so hard to loose that tire as it is part of the problem), so it does not rest on my bladder and cause major accidents. I guess there are devices out there for this purpose, but I am going to stick with Neo ProMedical because IT WORKS!! I still wear an adult diaper, but use less of them. I use the"impressing device" and that helps as well. When I hear all the legal commercials about "implanted mesh" and the problems it has caused (breaking up, growing into the flesh etc) I'll choose the reasonably priced belt every time.  You can wash this belt and you should. Getting two is a great idea so when one is in the wash, the other is one is there for wear.

I got my Belly Band Support for free in exchange for this honest review.
video/pics to follow...

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