Sunday, June 19, 2016

SummerBliz Hats

Summer Hats by Bliz

I do quite a bit of camping and hiking and outdoor gardening. I love the outdoors. However, I have a very light complexion and I need to protect myself from the sun,  I needed a summer hat and this hat, by Bliz, is perfect!
I love it because it has a wide brim to block out sun and rain.  It is made of a waterproof linen and the top  has a vent so air can go in and out.  It has a tie under the chin, that can be loosened or tightened like the old cowboy hats. The tie keeps it on your head or hanging around your neck. I wear my hat everywhere I go.
Bliz make summer hats for men and women, in different colors like khaki and camouflage  or army green



Sun Hats for Women - Sun Hat for Men

-Comfortable Design and Best Protection From The Sun
-Flexible Feature
-Product Satisfaction

I got my hiking hat from Bliz on Amazon for a reduced price in exchange for this honest review.

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