Saturday, June 25, 2016

MayriDress Women Peacock Maxi Dress Plus Size Clot

MayriDress Women Peacock Maxi Dress Plus Size Clothes

This Mayri Dress is amazing. It is light, airy and makes me feel like a floating angel.  I got mine in a 3X and, well, I;m much bigger than that and it fit very very well.  The top of the dress is an elasticized, stretch pintuck which stretchs ALOT!
The dress was floor mop length which I hear is the length of the season.  It was okay for me, as I am presently in a wheelchair or in a scooter.  I stood for my picture (yay me, a new height in my therapy to be able to stand for a short period of time.)
I love the way this dress looks and feels and flows.  I just did not like it on me.  No problem with the dress, problem with my weight.grrrr.  I wore my burgandy scarf to cover my  more than ample upper arms.  I have ordered a scarf from Amazon the matches the peacock and palm pattern of the dress.  Of course that is leading to buying a pin or brooche to hold the wrap. I found some peacock earrings as well.
I got this wonderful dress at a greatly reduced price in exchange for this unbias, honest review. You can get your dress by following the link below.

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