Thursday, June 23, 2016

Saintone Drip Irrigation Kit


Drip Irrigation System at Work
 I love to garden, the seeds, the planting, watching for sprouts, the vegetables and fruits in the fall. That middle part, the one where the plant grows and sports fruit, that has always been tricky to me. It seems to depend on how nurishing the soil is and a balance in watering--not too much, not too little. Where to plant in a wooded area so your plants can grow?
Here in California, we are  in the midst of a drought and our water is regulated. So, how much is enough  or too much for each type of plant. There are alot of tricky factors.

Well there is at least one element that can be controlled, the work of it simplified and can be the key to healthy plants and a good harvest: THE WATER.

The Saintone Irrigation Water Kit can help you keep your plants saturated and correctly watered by stringing it together, connecting it to water and let it carry the needed water down the garden keeping the plants growing.  You control the water drip.  No more waking up at night realizing you didn't water today, you won't have time tomorrow and it is a high heat warning day. Aahhhh my babies are gonna die!  This is what I love about the system. It is easy to set up, easy to monitor and keeps your plants safely watered so they won't dry out and die.  I wish I would have had this system years ago. It would have made my life quite a bit easier and my gardening more successful.

You can find the Saintone Irrigation Watering Kit on Amazon at the link below.  I got my kit for a reduced price in exchange for
this honest review.

Happy Gardening Everyone!!!


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