Saturday, June 25, 2016

Luxury Bidet


Bidets have intrigued me ever since I heard the word when I was s little girl. What is it, what does it do and why would a person want to do that?  I heard it off and on and found out it was like another toilet that was mostly in Europe an countries. Now I was born in Wisconsin where the city of toilets is, Kohler and still I didn't have a clear picture!  It wasn't until a few years ago when watching The View that Whoopi Goldberg not only clearly defined bidet, but also expounded on the pleasure of having a fountain to "wash your ass" without having to touch anything nasty.  I WANTED ONE!

I was soon to find out that installing a bidet would be a massive construction undertaking that I could not afford and I could not afford nor could I afford a bidet.

Well NOW YOU CAN AFFORD ONE AND SOON YOU WON'T BE ABLE TO ASFFORD NOT TO HAVE ONE. Admonix has developeddeveloped several models of bidets that can be easily attached to your existing toilet!!! See picture steps below. You snap it onyou toilet seat, connect the water hose and you are ready to wash!! And enjoy a wonderfully clean bum!!!  My bidet is manual but electric ones do exist.You can adjust the strength of the stream and the direction. You will very much enjoy the blissfully clean feeling and won't want to be without your own bidet.
The seller, Adnomix says:

Many Uses!
There are many uses for a bidet. Perhaps you like the fact that it cleans you SO WELL,
you'll feel like you just stepped out of the shower or tub, not off the toilet.

Save Money! 
Secondly, a bidet helps SAVE MONEY on toilet paper. The average household spends more
than $100 A YEAR on toilet paper! But you can SLASH that figure to a mere FRACTION
when you install this high-quality bidet.

Self-Cleaning Sanitary Feature! 
The retractable nozzle is self-cleaning and keeps everything sanitary where it matters most.

Easy To Install! 
Installs in minutes, straight out of the box! Everything is included in our kit.
You can have it ready and working in no time! Adjusts to fit your
toilet seat and the space available.

Easy To Use! 
Because it sits in between the seat and the toilet, it's easy to reach. No straining
to "reach around" like you would with a handheld model. This easily attaches to the
fresh water supply that feeds the toilet. You control the water pressure, too!

Perfect for Seniors, Caregivers, Disabled, etc.
If you or a loved one wants to have the greatest of ease and comfort while using the
toilet, this built-in bidet is the way to go. Perfect for anyone who's used to the
regular use of a bidet, especially from other cultures such as Japan or Korea.

Non-Electric Fresh-Water System with Adjustable Water Pressure!
Don't settle for "second best" when you're selecting your bidet. This model has a single
self-cleaning retractable nozzle - for general cleaning.

I got my bidet at a reduced price in exchange for this honest review. You can get yours by following the link below.


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