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This is probably the biggest innovation in watercolor painting since someone invented the paintbrush!! These pens have acrylic brushes posted upon a tube.  You put water in the tube. Dipping your water wet pen in the watercolor, you apply the paint and water to the paper where you are painting and thus apply the color to the paper as well. Ingenious.  \
I like the idea and it works well.  The water tube and small valves keep the water in until you squeeze it when you need it.  For children it is much easier to use these wetted pens than to have to dip in a water cup, which usually gets spilt, then dip in the watercolors which get so wet that they are fading before being put on the paper.

The  Skweez Pens come in a handy plastic carrying case.  There are 6 different tips and each has its own snap on cover. They are the regular size of a pen. The plastic that makes up the pen is soft enough for anyone's fingers to squeeze and get the water that is needed.

I like these pens as it allow you to paint without having to have a water source. You can fill them with water and take them along with your paints and paper. You have the same control, if not more control than a regular brush.

The seller, Creatism, says:  -Our SkweezPen water brush set is just what you need for the budding artist in your home or as an addition to the collection of tools you already use with your creativity. Use SkweezPen to help develop your budding artist's talent, but also for using your unique and/or advanced techniques. Limit the mess of traditional watercoloring by filling the SkweezPen with plain water for use watercolor paint cakes or blending and shading pencil drawings. Alternatively add an ink wash for a more traditional watercolor experience without the need of additional paint.  Ink wash also offers a great tool to perfect your calligraphy or other unique writing and lettering techniques.-The SkweezPen allows for limitless control of water flow into the exact nylon tip necessary at each step of your masterpiece creation.  Whether you need a small liner tip for fine details or large flat tip for a solid wash we have you covered.At Creatism, we make tools for awesome creatism. Are you ready to create some awesome art?  Try us out!

I got my Skweez Brush Set for a reduced price in exchange for this honest review.  You can get yours by following the link below!
Happy Painting!!


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