Sunday, March 13, 2016


EBOOK:  INTO THE SOUL  by Kinneret Maayan
                 The Mystery of Energy Healing

This book by Kinneret Maayan takes a look at the role of therapy and how it worked, personally, for the author,  and how it can work to healing a person and aid in finding balance and happiness in their life.
I have voluntarily gone to therapy several times in my life, and have found it to be very helpful in sorting out the knots in my life and my mind.  This book gave me further introspect on how to use what I have learned and apply it to keeping balance and happiness.
This book took me back to sessions and I found myself proclaiming, "oh I see what was going on there!"  I didn't really need to know what the therapy did for me, it worked anyway, but this book gave me insights into how I can now look back on those revelations, apply them, and return to equilibrium that I found while in therapy.  It reminded me that happiness is a choice and is achieveable.  I shall read and re-read this book throughout my life to remind me of the heights of happiness that I can reach, and thus return to the youthful energy that psychological entanglements tend to steal from my life: It returns me to the energy of the soul, of life.

The seller says:
Into the Soul – the Mystery of Energy Healing by Kinneret Maayan is about a journey into the inner recesses of the soul; it dives into the depths and soars to the peaks of therapy, providing readers with insight, understanding and a way to experience balance and happiness. It offers a perspective of the twists and turns of life that can unravel burdensome tangles in order experience happiness and mental health.
The book is made up of two main parts. The author, Kinneret Maayan, talks about her ascent through the principles of spiritual therapy, her life, childhood and adulthood; and a section which deals with patients who came to her to understand their difficulties and learn ways of coping with them and solving their problems.

I recommend this book for anyone who is struggling to find balance and happiness in their life, has tried therapy, or who is resisting to use therapy as part of their journey to finding equilibrium and happiness in their life.

I received this ebook at a reduced cost in exchange for this unbias, honest review.


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