Friday, March 11, 2016

Garnier Olia


As part of Crowdtap's Mission to try  Garnier's Olia Hair Color with oil, I participated by using Garnier's Light Golden Blonde instead of my Garnier Fructus Light Golden Blonde. 

The new formula is wonderful.  It is easy to mix, smells wonderful and goes on without the usual dripping. It feels creamy as you spread it through your hair. It takes the same amount of time as usual, but the results are phenomonal!  My hair came out the perfect color of Light Golden Blonde AND very shiney!!! and soft, and lovely. It really has given me a boost in enthusiasm. I feel confident and my hair looks great

It's funny how having your hair done and looking great gets one to think about other things, like getting my body and wardrobe in shape. So I decided to work out on my pedaler machine, drink more water and, of course, keep dying my hair with Garnier Olia, then both hair and body will be ready to go.  The beautiful hair made me feel like spring and I started planning what spring outfit I would rock for the spring events and holidays!  It's like when you start Spring cleaning and you wash one wall and it gets you going to get the rest of the walls done, then curtains, carpets, etc. It goes on until all is looking great.

Go get Garnier's Olia and see what it can do for you!

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