Wednesday, March 9, 2016


This is a very, very special Easter centerpiece. It has a beautifully, sculpted white, wax candle Easter Bunny with a  wick.  He comes carefully wrapped and is accompanied by a strong plastic clear shipping basket. The shipping basic holds six scented, and flameless candles. By flameless, in this case, means they are made of solid wax and scent but do NOT have a wick. I know that lately “flameless” has come to mean candles that the candles have a “fake wick or a led light” that makes the candle appear as if it has a real flame. The eggs are solid wax , colored pink, light pink, purple, blue, green and yellow with the aroma of a lilac.  The wickerless candles are treated with a special, long lasting scent. I love the scent, I love the candles and I think the bunny is oh so very cute!  I don’t think I could ever burn him.  Together the Wax bunny and the eggs make a lovely centerpiece. It is going to be the center of my Easter celebration! I shared it with my family and they love it.  It is going to become a regular in my Easter holidays.

The seller says: 

The Scented Flameless Wax Candle Eggs and Bunny Set includes 6 assorted flameless wax candle eggs and 1 scented bunny candle with floral and fruity notes. The eggs measure 3" inches tall, the bunny measures 6" inches tall. The candles are designed to release unique fragrance without burning. Testing and experience suggests that fragrances will last at least six months and more often than not, much longer. Fragrances store well in zip lock bags for reuse in the next season. Makes a great gift or purchase for any home. Hand crafted in the USA - any variation in the surface should be considered part of the hand-poured design

I love this candle set and I plan to make it part of my Easter celebration for many years to come.  I received this wonderful set at a reduced cost in exchange for this honest review.


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