Sunday, March 13, 2016

8 in One Thermometer


This instrument is the answer to my dreams!  Our house is weird. It is hot on one side and freezing cold on the other side of the house.  There is sometimes a 15 degree difference.  I always knew this, but didn't have the 'facts', the proof.  Now that I have t his Uhuhu Thermometer Combo, I can see that I am so
right. Not only that, I can tell that the humidity is very different as well.
This battery operated thermometer gives more than the temperature  (in fahrenheit and cesius). It reads the humidity, shows the weather outside of the house, date, time, timer and alarm (standard and military). It even has the phases of the moon! It has large digits, but the unit is small and does not take up alot of desktop space.

The seller says:
Compact digital clock thermometer and hygrometer: This powerful 8-in-1 device allows you to quickly view your room's temp, humidity, time, date (including month, day and year), phase of the moon and weather display based on the surrounding indoor temp and humidity

This is the perfect thermometer for me.  I had an older thermometer, but someone, in the house "borrowed" it, and left me without one. But now, I have this unit by Uhuhu, I love it, and, it does so much more than my old standard!

I got this thermometer at a reduced price in exchange for this honest review.


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