Thursday, March 31, 2016


                        by Zohar (Radiance)Halevi

This book is the culmination of  a quarter the author's (Zohar Halevi) life where he researched and studied and put into words a 2000 year old system for personal and economic growth. Halevi tells that this system for personal and economic growth are based on six principles. He has seen the six priniciples in play from Emperor Augustus, King David to Bill Gates. Zohar maintains that following these six principles will allow for more efficient and profitable economic growth in your life.

The majority of the book is dedicated to laying out these six priniciples, defining what they are and how they can be applied to find that path toward that efficient and profitable growth in your life
The six principles are:
oFocused Human Power: an exercise for constructing focused power
o Wisdom and Acquiring Expertise
o Development in Conditions of Success
oInner peace and effiency of Routine
o Planning for Glory and then the application of the
o Six Principles in Economics

The seller says: What are the six divine principles of success? This book reveals for the first time a sacred and over 2000-year-old system for personal and economic growth, based on six principles from the divine tree of life. It shows that these six principles are common to the endeavors of empire builders such as Bill Gates, the Roman founder Emperor Augustus, and the biblical King David. As such, they are a unique formula to great financial success.
The contents of this book have been tried and tested with great success by a variety of groups prior to publishing. Businessmen and senior officials of more than four groups which have implemented these principles mention the following benefits:
• Allows you to better read both client and company interests.
• The six principles together will help you create a bigger sum than its parts, allowing a more efficient and profitable economic performance with moderate growth.
• Provides tools to improve relationships and increase business partnerships.
• Improves performance and reduces the working day. And as we know - time is money.
• Improves the quality and delivery speed of products and services.
• Maintains business and personal development success, as well as relevance in changing market conditions, and the lead in various sectors.
• Enhances constructive pleasure and builds positive energy.
• Brings you a few steps closer to the "American dream."
“I have been surprised and delighted by the ability of this book to enrich my life.”
Keren Peled
Zohar (Radiance) Halevi is qualified in a multitude of disciplines: lawyer, computer programmer, expert in investigating, expert in the art of persuasion, mediator, personal and business coach and more.
This book is a product of the author’s life work over twenty-three years, to identify and analyze the sacred formula of universal human success. He skillfully integrates different sources of wisdom into a new, flowing and exciting perspective, as an inspirational masterpiece aimed at unifying personal development and economic growth. 
Managers and businessman must have this book

In really enjoyed reading this book. What caught my eye was the reference to the book, Secrets.  I accidentally ran into The Secret
when I was substitute teaching and it was on the teacher's desk. I watched the dvd on my lunch hour and it set my thinking to "hmmmm?" I bought the book and read it from cover to cover about believing in the power that everyone has as long as you wrap yourself and keep up and turn to positive energy and believe that all good things will come to you.  I do agree that this helps, but I always felt something was still missing. Then, I would blame that somewhat negative thought for keeping the wonderful positive things to come to me--self doubt.

This book, I do feel, fills in those questions of  but how? There must be more to how this works!  Now that I got the main scope of this book, I am going back to re-read it and carefully apply the six principles to me and my life combined with the lessons of The Secret.  There is nothing to lose and everything to gain!

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