Thursday, March 3, 2016

Glass Teapot


I have always wanted a glass teapot. You know the kind, the one that you can see through. You can see your tea steeping and if  you have the kind of tea that has flowers that "rebloom" after adding water, they are even more fun to watch. 
Tealeava makes such a teapot and what a fine teapot it is.
It is made of a high quality clear glass that can withstand cooking heat. The top is a metal lid that is actually a part of the filter. The filter hold loose tea as you pour hot water over the loose tea. It steeps quickly and completely.  It has a pouring lip. It also has a plastic handle which is strongly adhered to the pot
The seller says:  This product is a small, 16oz glass tea pot, with a stainless steel infuser with lid. It has a clear plastic handle, and is microwave safe. It's intended use is for home or office, generally for a single person. Depending on your preference, you can heat water in the microwave with the steeper removed.
The design is quite simple, but also attractive. There are only 3 pieces - The pot, the steeper, and the lid. The steeper has what I consider very small holes in the mesh, but this may be standard. I notice very few particles, if any, when used with loose tea. Of course, bagged tea will also work.

After the desired steeping time has been achieved, pouring into a cup will drop the tea level below the steeper, so it won't continue to steep

This teapot is perfect for me.  It makes about two cups of tea because it is small. However, two cups is a good limit for me.
I received this teapot at a greatly reduced price in exchange for my honest review.


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