Monday, March 28, 2016

COFFEE A Coffee Lovers Book


This book is simply wonderful!!  From A to Z, it covers everything about coffee!

The book starts with history, how coffee came to be, its spread throughout the world, the different kinds, explanation of coffee words, such as roast, strong etc. tastes of coffee, grinding, storing, caffeine, instant coffee, decaffinated coffee, brewing methods, expresso and expresso machines, water and coffee, milk frothing, serving coffee, accessories, coffee and alcohol, Latte Art, Coffee Reading, Coffee Luwak, coffees of the world and much much more!

It contains pictures, vocabulary, how to cup/cupping a cup of coffee, how to roast it correctly, what waters to use and more.  I loved my first reading of this book and I am going to leave it on  my coffee table for further reading by me and others!!  I feel coffee smart now! What a great topic to break the ice with a new friend.

The seller says:In a quiet, unnoticeable revolution, multitudes of coffee shops have opened in recent years around the world. The popular instant and drip coffees have been replaced by espresso, macchiato and cappuccino – as good as those served in the best coffee shops in Italy. The expansion of a flourishing coffee market was followed by the development of espresso machines, moka pot, French press and other newfangled equipment.This rapid development created a gap between those who wanted to learn and understand the coffee world and the availability of reading material. The aim of this book is to fill that gap.

I hope you’ll enjoy reading this guide and that it will improve your coffee enjoyment.
To all coffee lovers everywhere, cheers! 

I received this book at a reduced cost in exchange for this honest review.


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