Tuesday, March 1, 2016



US Art Supplies has put together a very nice Watercolor Painting Pad.  It contains 12 pages of 9 x 12 inch that are acid free, cold press, natural white pages of heavy weight paper for mastering watercolor techniques on wet media. Excellent paper for wet painting with water colors and other mixed media.

I have been exploring different media to see which I would like to explore further. Watercolor is one of them So when I got this watercolor paper pad, I was very very happy, and I continue to be.
The paper is excellent for wet watercoloring. With wet watercoloring, you take a paint brush and wet the paper, lightly, with water. Then you use watercolors to create your picture. Wetting the paper helps it to hold the colors and allows the colors to stain the paper fibers with more permanence.

The seller says:  http://www.amazon.com/dp/B00PG1U0SA
 Product Description  - Acid Free, Neutral pH, Cold Press Surface, Natural White Sheets - Heavy Weight Paper Surface for Mastering Watercolors Techniques with Wet Media
 - Excellent Paper for Wet Painting with Water Colors and Mixed Media Uses
 - 140 lb. (300gsm), Pad of 12-Sheets
[USA PWC300-09X12]

I am very pleased with the performance of this paper with watercolors and will put it in my reorder files. This first pad was given to me at a reduced price in exchange for this honest review.


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