Thursday, March 3, 2016

The Secret of the Peaceful Garden

The Secret of the Peaceful Garden

This is one fantastic coloring book.  I have looked at alot of "adult coloring" books. Some are complex Mandelas, others, there is nothing "adult" about them. BUT here is a book that gives you a grand balance of complex and simple that is suited for adults.
The purpose of the coloring books is to relax whoever is coloring. It does work.  Except, maybe I get a little too much into designing my layout which takes away the "relaxing" part. But overall, I do find it relaxing.
The Secret of the Peaceful Garden have some beautiful pictures that become even more beautiful as you color.

The seller says: "Secret of the Peaceful Garden" by My Masterpiece Adult Coloring Books includes 30 delightful scenes from the garden and the great outdoors. Printed on one side of the page to eliminate bleed-thru, these illustrations are perfect for artists with skills ranging from intermediate to advanced. Relax, unwind and color away your stress!My Masterpiece also holds monthly Giveaways on their website, so artists can color and submit their finished pages from any My Masterpiece Coloring Book for multiple chances to win great prizes.

I love this coloring book and will be relaxing more by visiting the "Peaceful Garden".
I received this book at a reduced price in exchange for this honest review.


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