Friday, April 15, 2016



I have always been amazed at the figures that glass handlers could make with their long heated pipes that artisans use to make all sorts of figures. Sometimes you see them at art fairs or state fairs.  Sometimes they are glassblowers, other times they just know how to work the glass.  Well, recently, I received a set of three elephants made out of glass.

They are very delicately made and fragile, meaning you must be careful not to drop them or clink them together....after all they are glass!!!  They are so lovely. They catch the light and twinkle. They come with a mirror which intensifies the sparkle.  There are three sizes of  elephant (large, medium, small). 

The artisan says:
Three glass elephant, to make a nice elephant family. Comes with a nice round mirror to set them on. Made in my home, by me, in New York. These glass elephants are made of glass rods and melted down in a flame. They are crafted free-hand, with No molds or tools. We are a small, home-based business, and very dedicated to our customers.

I heartily recommend these elephants as a gift for a hostess or host, or just a little gift for yourself to enjoy. I received my herd for a very low cost in exchange for this honest review.


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