Monday, April 11, 2016

Supermarket of Beliefs

The Truth in Eleven Parts by Galia Koplis

The Supermarket of Beliefs is an invitation from the author  Galia Koplis to take a journey with her. The journey is one which she has
Galia Koplis
taken herself and wants to share with her readers.  It is a journey through the various religious histories, philosophies, beliefs and, most importantly, the source of energy of major world religions.

The religions/energies explored are: Judaism (the energy of  action and abstraction), Christianity(energy of abstract love) Islam (material emotional energy), Hinduism (the creative energy), Taoism (energy of surrender to nature, doing nothing), Buddhism (void energy), Zen (surrender to the here and now), Zoroastrianism (polarization, separation energy) mysticism (energy of sex, devotion and symbolism), science, technology (energy of material,doubt) and secularism (energy of society and the individual).

Koplis leads us through the history, philosophies, beliefs and energy that each and leads us to her enlightenment of developing an individual religion.  Individual religion is a selection of this and that from the various energies to develop one's own, individual belief system or system of energies

The remainder of the book reveals how Koplis developed her own individual religion, the elements she examined and on what basis she made her decisions.

I like Koplis' thoughts and ideas and the way she expressed them in print.  I do not claim in any way to have done the indepth research and thought which Koplis has, but at a time or two, I have often thought about my spiritual faith and through my 50 years have taken the elements I can accept from my Catholic upbringing, updated by the Jesuits and begun leaning toward Buddhist beliefs and practices.  It was affirming to read that someone else has done something similar, but alerted my conscience that I had not been as complete in my choosing as Koplis.  With the information in her book, I feel that I am about to embark on a deeper spiritual journey.
I received this book at a reduced price in exchange for my honest review.


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