Sunday, April 10, 2016

Bath Mat


I have a premiere walk-in tub and for the most part it has a nonslip floor. However, the seat is not non slip, but is a plastic that gets really slippery and hard to sit on without sliding around on your bum. Turn the jets on and you begin to hydroplane in the tub!!  While relaxing, I definitely needed something more to sit on so that I would not slip off into the water and then God knows what!  So I got this Silicone Anti Slip Bath Mat in white.  It is perfect. The texture is such that I will not slide off and the suction cups on the reverse side hold tightly to the seat. I hang it up after each bath, cups.out, so it can dry and I can take advantage of the anti bacterial surface. I am so happy I got this mat from H-set #HsetSiliconRevolution 
 Hset says If you will search for different bathtub mats online you will find out that most of them are made of rubber or pvc, by small research you will find out that pvc is unhealthy material , and rubber most of the times comes with bad odor (that sometimes is unhealty to) and alot of mold accumulates over time!
I really like this new bath and I am suggesting it to others in my family. I received my mat at a reduced price in exchange for an honest review.

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