Sunday, April 24, 2016

Infinity Clock



I have always wanted a large clock.  In our kitchen/dining area there is NO clock.  I keep looking up at the blank wall to see the time, though I have been living here for three years. Well, now I have a wonderful 18" clock to hang on my wall.
This Infinity clock can be used inside and outside.  It has a temperature and humidity dial. The letters are large gothic with a minute and hour hand. The case back is steel and the face front is plastic.  It runs on one AA battery.
The seller says: 
Infinity Instruments Garden Clock is a modern sleek designed indoor/outdoor wall clock. With a modern designed dial this steel case clock will keep you up-to-date with not only the time but what is going on with the weather. It has a hygrometer to measure humidity and a thermometer. 

I began following the Infinity site on Twitter and saw a twitter from The Rock, who owns this clock, though slightly modified. He was given the clock by his daughter who had removed the minute hand and painted "ISH" after each number. It is the Rock's habit of telling anyone who asks for the time or what time he will be coming by adding "ISH" to whatever time it is.  A sweet DIY gift.

I received this clock at a greatly reduced price in exchange for this honest review.

Quartz Movement, requires one AA battery


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