Friday, April 8, 2016



When I first got my tablet, I had a three foot cord, and that was okay.   But then, after many, many times of accidentally yanking the plug out, it finally dawned on me that a longer cord may be in order.
Well I got the longer cord and it reached fine to almost all places. My side table to my bed, the outlet to my easy chair, public places so I could be on my tablet even with the out of the way outlets.
There still were times when I wished for longer. I was going into the hospital and I would be there for a few days. Would six feet be long enough?

The solution came quickly, why not get this three pack of three different lengths of cord.  I would be ready for whatever I needed. BudgetGood has just that packet for ipod/ipad etc  Three durable cords at diffferent lengths: 3' 6' and 10'.
The seller says:    

Usage Safe, Take Care of Your Charging SecurityNickel-Plated Connector Heads & Multi-layer shielding & Ground-Check Design
The compact connector heads fit snugly into almost all cutouts. We run our products through a
series of rigorous tests before we ship them, bent this cable over 5000 times and saw no damage
or change in performance, stamp out any electrical short-circuit risk.
Compatible With: iphone 6S/6Plus/6 iphone 5/5C/5S iPad 4th generation ipad Air/ Air2
ipad mini/ mini1/ mini2 ipad with Retina Display ipod nano 7th Genaration 

I really like having three different lengths of cable for my equipment.  I got my cables for a reduced cost in exchange for this honest unbias review.

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