Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Yoga PositionCards


Think Fun has made a card game that lets you and your kids learn the different yoga poses.  I took yoga in high school, ah, about 40 years ago! I took a few classes at the YMCA about 30 years ago, and we all watched that very subtle, thin older woman on tv as she twisted in and out of those poses speaking about how good it was for the arthritus we didn't have yet! Now that I am here, heck if I can remember the poses. The kids in my class could use a few poses to calm them down now and then as well.
Think Fun has come up with a game where adults and children alike can have fun learning and doing yoga.  There are "missions" to be completed by doing certain poses that are presented on the cards. It is such fun trying and figuring out how to do the positions.  It is somewhat addictive and a lot of fun.
Think Fun says:

Yoga Cards the GAMEA Fun Game of Bending, Stretching, and BalancingCan you stand on your shoulders or hold a steady stance like a warrior? Increase flexibility and focus as you practice 48 yoga poses in this fun and simple card game.
Ages: 5 and up
Players: 2 or More

  • 48 Yoga Pose Cards
    6 Mission Cards
    1 Help Card
What a great game!  I love it. Not only can it bring the family together, but it can remind you of the yoga positions when you want to practice by yourself. I got my cards at a reduced price in exchange for this honest review.

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