Sunday, February 7, 2016

Dopamine Necklace

This necklace and pendant is very classy and at the forefront of fads. It has become very popular to wear the molecule symbolism of the “thing” that is important to your life and behind some of your motivations. Dopamine is a chemical produced by your body when adrenaline is release.  It is the chemical that gives you a “high”. Usually  we experience dopamine when we do something very exciting or dangerous:  bungee jump, dive off a cliff, downhill ski, ride a motorcycle, gamble, play slots, have sex in a public place, or even steal something.  Dopamine is produced by different things for different people.  The pursuit of the feeling dopamine gives can be addictive.  So whether you wear this to remind yourself to be more careful and avoid dangerous dopamine producing situations or to advertize that dopamine is your pursuit, THIS IS THE NECKLACE FOR YOU.  It is a beautiful pendant if made of a metal alloy and hangs on a lovely silver-like 17 inch chain with a lobster claw closing.  The pendant itself is approximately 1.4 inches by almost a half inch.  I like the molecule representation. I’m also a science teacher, so this necklace appeals to me.  I received this necklace at a reduced price in return for an honest review.


Dopamine Molecule Necklace, Beautiful Silver, Rose Gold, Gold

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