Tuesday, February 9, 2016


This novel is written and categorized for Young Adult Fantasy, Endangered Species, Wildlife Preservation, Environment, Conservation, Fantasy Mystery, Magic Mystery.

 It is written by a fifth grade teacher and is full of mystery and danger.  It is also filled with message about preserving the environment in the face of adversity.

Daisy, coming from a recently broken home, where her parents are divorced. She discovers a forest where the trees and plants are half plant, half human. She befriends a forest creature Calli who has lost her tree parents. She, and a new friend David, try to help her find her parents. They discover that the forest is threatened and she tries to save the magical forest without exposing the magical creatures.  Her fight is filled with danger, opposition, mystery and magic.

I liked the book as it was a classic fight of good versus evil. A story that is the personification of nature and its struggle to survive.

Laurie Woodward has authored several books of mystery and danger for young adult youth.


I received an ebook at a reduced price in exchange for my honest review.



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