Saturday, February 20, 2016

Peyton Manning Football Cards



These are amazing!! Three football cards with clear, crisp shots of Peyton Manning of the Denver Broncos!! Cards Cards are complete with stats, history and notes about Peyton.  They are enclosed in a clear plastic sleeve to protect the cards. Cards are unique and portrays Manning with the Broncos and Superbowl 50.  I love these cards and they are going to make a great gift for my sons!

The seller says:  Awesome collectors lot of football cards for any Peyton Manning or Broncos fan! Great gift for kids. Get 3 unique cards from 2012-2015 sets - all in Broncos uniform. Each card is individually sleeved for protection. With our Tomoson promo your cards cost less than 50 cents each and are shipped free! Go Broncos


I received these cards at a reduced price in exchange for this honest review.


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Peyton Manning Football Cards Superbowl 50 

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