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This mat is AMAZING.  I had seen them and wondered what they were like for a long, long time.  I basically thought about them as the hot summer days approached, and I thought how great it would be to lay down on this and stay cool on those hot summer nights.  I always passed, thinking, “is this really necessary”?  Well years later, I was sent this mat to review. I don’t know why the heck I didn’t get one sooner.  It is cooling, wonderfully cooling in the hot summer months.  Now that I am older I also use it for aches, pains, arthritis, headaches, migraines, fevers, hot flashes and just about anything that needs to feel better. 

The adult mat is 12”x 22” and comes with a matching cover.  The mat is soft and flexible and conforms to your body.  I have arthritis in my shoulders and neck running up the sides of my head (You don’t often think of the muscles in your head very often, do you?!!) as well as almost every other joint. This pad has been a lifesaver. There are times my joints feel better with heat and other times with cold. My head definitely feels better with cold.  Have you ever tried to wrap an ice pack around you head? It does not work  very well! This mat does the trick, relieves the aching and pain and lets me sleep.

I received this mat at a reduced price in exchange for this honest review.

Product Description

Frosty Pillow Gel Mat - Cooling Pillow Mat - Reduces Migraines, Hot Flashes and Fevers Soft & Flexible Slim Design Conforms to Your Body - ADULT SIZE - Includes Storage Cover (12.5 x 22 inches)Make hot nights cooler and more bearable with a cooling gel mat that can even reduce fevers, night sweats and migraines. 

There's nothing worse than a hot night's sleep. You toss and turn, only to wake up feeling like you didn't get any rest and worse, that you could be sick. But thanks to the revolutionary 
Frosty Pillow Gel Mat, you're about to get the best, most cooling rest of your life.

Designed using premium, safe medical-grade gel, the Frosty Pillow Gel Mat ensures that you go to sleep on a cool, comforting pillow. Whether you choose to slide it inside your pillowcase or lie directly on top of it, our gel mat is soft, comfortable and won't interrupt your sleep patterns. With the ability to reduce headaches and migraines, fevers and hot flashes, it's time you relied on the Frosty Pillow Gel Mat to get a truly wonderful night's sleep.”


Soothes hot flashes, fevers, migraines, and night sweats
Great for relieving head and neck pain
Soft, flexible and comfortable
Cooling gel within; won't leak
Includes a FREE storage cover 

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