Saturday, February 27, 2016



Do you ever wonder why we STILL have those old bottle openers and why no one has come up with something else, something better?  Well wait and wonder no more!   Taza has designed POPTOP.

It is a round cylinder with a grip inside. You push it down and the grip pulls the cap off of the bottle!  Very simple, very easy, very durable!  I have arthritis and it is easier for me to use the POPTOP than the old fashioned bottle opener!  The POPTOP is great at parties and would make a great Hostess Gift.  It is small and easy to carry.

The seller says:  Whether you go to sporting events where you tailgate, have the friends over on weekends for your famous BBQ's, or just love having a state-of-the-art bar at home, you will love the way Pop the Top performs and amazes your fellow drinkers! - Pop the Top Bottle Opener by TaZa! - The easiest opener. Push it down and off it pops! - Sleek aluminum with quality stainless steel mechanism ensures you can Pop the Top bottle after bottle.

- NO WRIST-TWIST - The easy-action, no-wrist-twist design will impress your friends and liven the party! Also easy on arthritic hands.

Available in two sleek colors to match any bar decor Do your wrists and hands hurt every time you twist off a bottle top? Are you always on the lookout for a great, new gadget that makes your life a whole lot easier?

If so, then Pop the Top is just what you're looking for. It's easy to use-Just one downward push and release.

It works effortlessly, so it's easy on your wrists and hands. It's durable, built to last with a professional-grade stainless steel mechanism that is reliable to work whenever you need it, and works on any type of cap.
I received this opener at a reduced price in exchange for this honest review.

Think Taza!  POP TOP Bottle Opener



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