Friday, February 26, 2016

Fisherman Charm

The Fisherman Charm

Fisherman Charm

This is one of the most darling charms I have ever had.  It is all silver. It has a little fisherman with a straw hat (so darn cute!)with a fishing pole, sitting in a boat. At the end of his fishing pole, underneath the boat is a detailed fish. You can see the scales, the eye the fins and tale. It is wonderfully detailed!

The seller says: The most serene little charm around!

A cute and beautifully-crafted charm, this tiny fisherman will be sit and wait for the perfect catch - and he's yours!

Each charm, with dimensions of 1 INCH x .75 INCH, is the perfect size for crafting a wide array of beautiful jewelry or adding to your own bracelet!

Shiny and with a gentle patina, this striking little fellow will shimmer and shine no matter what you add him to!

(this charm comes in a white jewelry box with a soft insert - perfect for gifting!)

I received this charm at a reduced price in exchange for this honest review. Stay tuned to my blog as I review about five other charms and post the completed charm bracelet at the end!  All charms from KataraDecor.

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