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I have been struggling with portion control for quite awhile on my journey to loose weight.  I have weighed, measured portion after portion and still, it takes me forever to get my plate together.  My husband and people around the table would argue with me that “that doesn’t look like 4 ounces”, “you have to eat more than that or you won’t get  your metabolism to work digesting it and you won’t loose weight!”  It’s enough to make you scream.

Then I ran into these portion control containers. WOW, now I can see what my portion should look like and how many I may have per day.  Sweet. If anyone argues that I am eating too much or not enough, I refer them to the containers. That usually gets them to stop.

The containers come in six different sizes that represent different food groups. red is for protein, purple is for fruit, green is for vegetables, blue is for healthy fats,seeds, some nuts, some fats, yellow is for carbohydrates and orange is for dressings and other fats. I know it can be confusing to remember all that, but it is made easy as they give a fold up brochure the details what is in what food group. Nice.  It also tells how many of each you should be eating to maintain your weight. Then it tells you how to calculate how much of each group you will eat so that you WILL loose weight.

I put my card under my placemat at home, and the containers where I and everyone else can see them. That way there are no frustration arguments as to what is what.  I truly believe that these containers are saving my life. I am eating within the guidelines of these portion control containers. 
The seller says:  Product Description These 7 Piece Portion Control Containers is the easiest and best way to measure out each meal. The different colored containers ensures you can easily distinguish between the boxes and have a healthy daily meal. The containers are completely 100% Leak Proof, made of high quality propylene, built to last and is completely BPA & DEHP free and safe for dishwasher & microwave use. Each container set comes with a clearly detailed guide to help you understand how to measure your daily intake.Benefits of using the Control SystemSimple Habits Portion Control Containers are used for easy meal planning and a healthy lifestyle. Our portion control containers are color coded so that you know exactly how much food to put in each one * Finally take control of your meal plans. With these simple, but beautiful looking containers.
* Feel Good and Happier with what your cooking.
* Never wonder if your eating to much or to little.

Color Guide:
Green Container - Vegetables - 1 cup - 8 oz
Purple Container - Fruits - 1 cup - 8 oz
Red Container - Proteins - 3/4 cup - 5 oz
Yellow Container - Carbs - 1/2 cup - 4 oz
Blue Container - Healthy Fats - 1/3 cup - 2 oz
Orange Container - Nuts, Seeds & Dressing - 2 Tbsp - 2 oz

 I received this set of portion control containers at a reduced price in exchange for this honest and unbiased review.



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