Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Stories of Love and Weight by Adi Tsin Ben Nun

Stories of Love and Weight by Adi Tsin Ben-Nun

This is a book of stories that concern that way various people view themselves, their capabilities, their worthiness, their beauty through the glasses of an overweight person.

Each story tells of how the person has cut themselves short of success, self worth, and beautifulness and a full life because they see themselves deficient because of their weight.  Each story takes us through a reflection of how the person’s weight has affected their lives. It also, in some stories, tells how they lifted themselves up above this shortsightedness and came to enjoying themselves, their lives and loving the body they have.

I am an overweight person, and I found these stories close to home and sometimes hard to read because I identified with them so completely. It is a book that will take more than one reading, and some time to chew and reflect on the strong statements that are written.

Anybody with body issues can benefit by reading this book and reflecting on its messages.

The seller has this to say about this wonderful book:

Food can symbolize passion, life, and health, but it can also represent a painful, persistent enemy. Stories of Love and Weight is a unique collection of short stories about individuals struggling with their weight and its consequential sense of self-esteem and self-worth. In fresh voices, unheard before, the characters bring forth diverse perspectives on the preoccupation with their bodies and the desire to change their appearance and behavior.
˃˃˃ Explore your relationship with food and gain empowering insights
These compelling short stories, written in the first person, are inspired by true experiences of patients met by the author over decades of private practice. Through their personal experiences, childhood memories, thoughts, conceptions, and actions, the reader is taken on a life-changing journey of struggle and transformation.
Stories of Love and Weight -

  • Offers a fresh perspective on dealing with overweight and negative body image.
    Arouses identification, empathy, and insight; encourages and empowers.
    Helps parents and friends understand the experience of their loved ones and the support they need.
    Is a valuable resource for therapists and personal coaches looking for deeper understanding and practical insight on dealing with weight and body issues.
    ˃˃˃ Inspiring personal stories of struggle and transformation
    Stories of Love and Weight is for anyone preoccupied with their body and eating, for anyone fixated on body issues and familiar with the never-ending struggle with weight gain and diet. A must-read for therapists, coaches, and anyone that has experienced dissatisfaction with their body
    I received this book at a reduced price in exchange for this honest review.

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